Travel visualization startup Playligo crowdfunding to hire 500 interns - Insights

Travel visualization startup Playligo crowdfunding to hire 500 interns

woman-watching-phoneNewly launched travel visualization startup, Playligo is currently crowdfunding on in search of an army of interns that will help start and establish an international community of travel visualizers. The main function of the internship job scope is to create travel video playlists for the most popular 10,000 destinations in the world – content that will be accessible and beneficial to global travelers.

According to Caleb Leng, Co-Founder of Playligo, “The interns will also have the task of making Playligo’s service more intelligent by helping the company research and tag names of different attraction sites, places, food, shopping and things to do in each destination. Our goal is to establish Playligo as the go-to site for travel visualization and we are confident that we can achieve this”.

Playligo which stands for ‘watch travel video playlists before you go’ helps users to visualize their travel itinerary in minutes by optimizing search and retrieving the most relevant short videos from YouTube, based on the user’s preference.

“There are many travel tools out there. However, interestingly, there is no specific tool to help people visualize their travel destination and itinerary. Sites such as TripAdvisor offers plenty of images of attractions, food and things to do that are highly appreciated by users, but there is no dedicated website for visualizing travel with videos”, Leng said.

Playligo has a user interface designed specifically for travelers. As a partner of YouTube, Playligo has access to the leading video service’s huge video inventory via a technical connection. With only a few clicks, users can watch video playlists of top places of interest, culture, music, food and the local way of life for any destination worldwide. It does not matter if a user has totally no idea where to go as Playligo can help suggest top inspirational destinations for them.

By optimizing search functions, Playligo is a video playlist tool that curates unorganized travel videos into comprehensible destination video playlists. This enables users to experience quick and seamless research experiences that allows them to visualize their destination attractions and activities immediately.

“The vision for Playligo is such that the service aspires to be the most intelligent travel visualization service that bridges travelers and YouTube, providing them providing them with the best user experience when researching for travel related videos. It is our goal to help travelers visualize their trip and plan their travel itinerary with ease and confidence, thus saving them both time and money!” Leng added.

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