The top wellness trends for 2024

In recent years, the emergence of ‘wellness’ – a broader concept encompassing mental and physical wellbeing – has changed the way hotels sculpt their offerings to go far beyond the simple spa.

top wellness trends for 2024

Mastering summer upselling: a comprehensive guide for hoteliers

With travelers from every corner of the globe eager to explore new destinations and create lasting summertime memories, hoteliers have a unique opportunity to boost revenue, enhance guest satisfaction, and craft unforgettable experiences through strategic upselling. During this season, demand for accommodations escalates, providing hoteliers with the perfect window to implement creative upselling strategies.

summer upselling

Recipe for navigating the restaurant business opening

Opening a restaurant is an extremely challenging endeavor. But if you plan accordingly, you can increase your chances of success by conducting proper market research, budgeting, getting involved with your community, investing in marketing, prioritizing operational efficiency, and listening to your customer base.

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