“Localization” starts with the local guest

We often talk about local food, local artists, and local wines, but not about humans. We need to remember local guests – the ones we are here for (and the not insignificant revenue they can bring to a hotel’s bars, restaurants, spas and other profit centres).

Back to basics: Five tips for Cyber Monday success

While many deal-seekers are looking for the typical deal on electronics or home-goods, more people each year are searching for travel deals on Cyber Monday. This presents an opportunity for hoteliers to get in on the action and take their share of the online traffic and spending this day brings.

The risks in relying solely on guest reviews

While guest reviews can cover all of a hotel’s departments, they tend to focus on certain aspects that provide a big picture but miss many details. They also do not differentiate sufficiently between service quality and guest engagement or emotional intelligence.