Let tourists hanker for the Good Old Days

Demonstrating that the emotional connections films evoke extend to film destinations, a new study offers novel insights into the influence of film-related nostalgia on future travel intentions. The findings suggest that destination marketers and hotel managers alike can effectively and sustainably promote local tourism through simple and creative ideas rather than making huge investments.

How will your hotel reinvent itself in 2020?

It is essential that you continually add new features and new aspects to your guest service training protocol in order to keep up with constantly morphing customer expectations. You must reorient your mentality towards viewing your property as a place where both travelers and locals like to congregate.

Are direct bookings best?

Are direct bookings best?

We talk to Matthias Dybing, founder of Nuvho Hotels, on whether direct bookings really are best, why operational interconnection driven by Chief Commerical Officers are key, and why relationships are the backbone of everything hospitality.