Start-up Triposo launches “arrival app” – Landed

Landed app by TriposoWhen travellers land in a new destination, they only have to launch the app and get all the arrival information they need. It shows them how to get to the city center, displays the currency conversion rate, recommends a local SIM card provider and much more. Like the Triposo app, most Landed features work offline.  

The idea for Landed was born when a Triposo team member was making his way from Thailand to Berlin. “Within a few weeks, he backpacked his way through 13 countries and quickly realized his arrival routine was always the same: Find a SIM card, book a last-minute hotel, look up some local phrases and get to the city,” explains Douwe Osinga, CEO & Founder at Triposo. “We immediately knew this was a problem we had to solve. A dedicated arrival app just made sense,” adds Douwe. Triposo envisions Landed as a utility app – you download it once and arrive at ease each time you travel.

To create Landed, Triposo built on the smart tools and algorithms they use to power their travel guides. “We matched airports to cities using an innovative algorithm that determines where you are likely to be going when you arrive,” explains Douwe. Much the same, Triposo engineers crawled through open source data and parsed the information to find the best SIM card providers, currency conversion rates, weather forecast and local phrases. Learn more about Landed on the Triposo blog or get it in the App Store.

Triposo was founded in 2011 by ex-Googlers Douwe Osinga, Jon Tirsen and diplomat-turned-entrepreneur, Richard Osinga. It was kickstarted with a $700K round of seed funding from marquee investors such as Chris Sacca, Lars Rasmussen and Crunchfund followed by two rounds led by InterWest partners: $3.5 million in July 2012 and $3.1 million in December 2015. The latest round of funding is expected to drive innovation for in-destination travel experiences in the mobile space.

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