Alfa Pizza presents the “Evolution” professional oven line

Fashion, technology and cuisine represent Italy in the world. All of these elements can be discovered in the new line of “Evolution” professional ovens from Italy’s Alfa Pizza.

Evolution ovens 1

Alfa Pizza has a long history of manufacturing and selling millions of wood and gas fired ovens. Now the company has come forward with a new line of professional ovens. They are durable and designed to save time and money for any restaurant or food truck owner.

The professional ovens are styled so they can easily blend and integrate with the design environment whether it be the in the kitchen, dining areas or outside on the patio of a restaurant. They tantalize the senses by bringing the flavors and fragrances enjoyed by those who love to eat well right into the midst of the dining experience.

Evolution ovens 2

Technology is an important part of everyday life. Alfa Pizza invented the Forninox™ technology. The ovens are made of the best stainless steel, which makes up its robust frame. They are sprayed with a double layer of paint, making them weather resistant. The refractory bricks with their special mixture of clays are able to generate high temperatures a short amount of time that are required in professional cooking environments.

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“Evolution is the “evolution” of the wood stove”, said Andrea Lauro marketing director of the company. “Every object – think of the telephone, the car, the wheels – has undergone an evolution over time, improving the functionality and usability. Evolution ovens are ready to use and takes only 20 minutes to reach operating temperature. All this translates into lower fuel consumption, less time and less effort…and then they are definitely a design object. We strongly believe in the fact that the wood-burning oven is not only suitable for pizzerias. We aim to break the mold so that bistros, farms, beaches and many other areas may benefit from a product that offers the pleasure of traditional cooking with an tantalizing scent. It’s no coincidence that we chose Host to present the new line. An international scene where every dish from anywhere in the world can be cooked with a wood fired oven – obviously with an Alfa Pizza professional oven.”

For more information contact: Alfa Pizza – Alfa Refrattari srl
Tel: +39 0775 7821 / Fax: +39 0775 782222
Via Villamagna snc – 03012 Anagni (FR) – Italia /


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