The five changes expected in the hotel industry

The landscape continues to change rapidly and while no one can say with any degree of certainty where everything will land, we are starting to see the shape of things to come. Here are changes that the new normal is likely to bring forward in the hotel industry for owners and operators.


The First 100 Days: action plans for the ‘new normal’

There is tremendous value in slowing down and dedicating the time to take stock of where you’ve been and where you’re going; providing clarity for you and everyone who relies on your direction. Only after that can you put together a set of goals that will keep you and your team focused and prepared as soon as the “new normal” starts.


Hilton appoints Area President for Greater China and Mongolia

Hilton has named Qian Jin as the company’s first Area President for Greater China and Mongolia. It comes at a time when Hilton prepares to celebrate its 100th hotel opening in Greater China, with more than 230 hotels in the pipeline. Beginning this week, Qian Jin brings with him extensive experience in the hospitality industry, having most recently served as president of Wanda Hotels & Resorts, one of Hilton’s largest owners in Greater China.

Qian Jin
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Hotel industry leverages power of data

Before its acquisitionÊby MarriottÊwas completed last September, hospitality company Starwood Resorts and Hotels WorldwideÊchanged its approach to a problem that many chain hotels face Ñ how to maximize the value of its spending on translation services for its property websites worldwide.

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Marriott introduces cost savings to Starwood properties

The merger between MarriottÊand Starwood might have been completed in late September 2016, but that was just the beginning.ÊSince that time, owners and their asset managersÊhave awaited confirmation that related merger expenses would be “net neutral,”Êas initially promised.

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