Acomodeo: The first global booking engine for serviced apartments

AcomodeoThe German-based start-up Acomodeo is aiming to revolutionize the booking process of serviced apartments by announcing the first independent booking platform to pool global inventory and make it searchable as well as directly bookable. The first version of the platform is currently being finalized and already it includes more than 100,000 serviced apartments in 106 countries.

Serviced apartments have recently evolved into an attractive alternative to hotel accommodation, especially when it comes to long-term business travel such as projects abroad with a duration of several months. The combination of apartment and hotel offers a comfortable home away from home. But the global market of serviced apartments is confusing: countless big, international and small, regional providers compete with each other for business travellers and expatriates. There are no standardized offers or the ability to search for apartments directly in one destination. Furthermore, numerous terms are commonly used (boardinghouse, serviced residence, aparthotel) for the same accommodation type, which makes the market even more confusing.

Apartment bookings nowadays are a process of many single steps, starting with a search via Google to find appropriate providers, followed by individual requests for available apartments and rates by different providers. The whole process is complex and consumes the business traveller’s time and effort. Relief is offered by local agencies taking care of all necessary aspects, but their costs are then an additional charge.

“This kind of user experience is not acceptable any more. In most cases, this situation leads to the traveller choosing the easiest way and booking a hotel online, which is more expensive and provides less living comfort,” explains Eric-Jan Krausch, one of the two Acomodeo founders.

Acomodeo aims to simplify the booking of serviced apartments and make it as easy and common as hotel bookings: no hiring contracts, unclear additional charges or broker’s fees.

“Due to our broad experience as a broker of worldwide serviced apartments for project teams, especially in the context of major events, we know the challenges involved and and decided to develop the first independent booking platform to pool the global inventory and make it searchable as well as directly bookable,” states co-founder David Wohde.

The new platform distinguishes clearly from sharing-platforms (Airbnb, 9flats, etc.) by including only professional accommodation providers and offering additional services to meet business travellers’ needs (e.g. integration into travel expense tools, reports,etc.). In comparison to conventional booking platforms, Acomodeo permits long-stay bookings for more than 30 and up to 740 nights at directly connected partner apartments.

The first version of the platform is currently being finalized and will be available online in fall 2015.


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