Case Study: Implementation of SABA Hospitality’s digital compendium at Mariner Shores Resort in the heart of the Gold Coast, Australia

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Client Introduction

Mariner Shores Resort and Beach Club, a charming locally run establishment nestled along the stunning coastline of Gold Coast, Australia, was seeking innovative solutions to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. With a focus on providing personalized and contactless services, the resort management decided to implement the SABA Digital Compendium module to revolutionize the way guests interacted with resort amenities and services, and things to do in the neighborhood.

Resort Challenges

  • Labour Shortages:
    Limited staff resources for managing traditional paper-based compendiums and guest inquiries.
  • Guest Experience:
    Desire to offer a seamless and personalized guest experience while reducing operational costs.
  • User Friendly Solution:
    Need for a user-friendly platform that could integrate various digital content and third-party services.

Solutions Installed

SABA Digital Compendium

The SABA Digital Compendium Module digitizes traditional paper-based compendiums, providing a dynamic and engaging guest experience. With features such as PDF and link uploads, guests can easily access menus, price lists, and activity & class schedules on any device. The integration of iFrames allows for seamless inclusion of videos, maps, webpages, and more. This comprehensive digital platform not only promotes contactless interactions but also streamlines operations and enhances revenue opportunities for properties in the hospitality industry.

SABA In-Room Amenity Ordering

The SABA Mobile Ordering module revolutionizes the way guests place orders, offering a seamless and convenient experience. Guests can easily browse amenity item lists, and make payments directly from their own mobile devices (if required). The system streamlines operations and reduces costs, making it an essential tool for hotels and resorts. By automating guest ordering and enhancing revenue opportunities, the SABA Mobile Ordering module provides a comprehensive solution that enhances guest satisfaction and boosts operational efficiency.

Feedback First-Hand

“Guests at Mariner Shores Resort and Beach Club praised the seamless and user-friendly nature of the SABA Digital Compendium, with many highlighting the convenience of accessing information at their fingertips. Staff members also noted the platform’s effectiveness in streamlining operations and improving communication with guests. By promoting in-house services and local attractions through the Digital Compendium, the resort saw an increase in ancillary revenue.” – Kayla Gradidge (Corporate Officer)

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Solution Benefits

  • PDFs & Links
    Guests can view menus, event schedules, and local attractions directly on their own devices.
  • Booking Platform
    Guests can book resort facilities directly via their mobile device. They include the tennis court, movie nights, yoga sessions, lawn bowls, and more.
  • iFrames
    Integration of videos, Google Maps, and other interactive content provides an engaging experience.
  • Personalized Communication
    The platform enabled contactless communication between guests and staff, enhancing guest satisfaction.


  • Improved Guest Satisfaction
    Guests appreciated the convenience of accessing information and services digitally, leading to enhanced overall satisfaction
  • Operational Efficiency
    The resort experienced a reduction in operational costs as staff could focus on personalized guest interactions rather than managing physical materials.
  • Revenue Generation
    By promoting in-house services and local attractions through the Digital Compendium, the resort saw an increase in ancillary revenue.


Visit the Mariner Shores Resort website and book your stay:

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Enhance your guest experience and streamline operations through personalized communication and digitization using your guests own personal device.

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