IHG launches Planet Trekkers app and Top 50 children’s travel experiences

IHG Planet Trekker appIHG has announced the launch of the Planet Trekkers mobile app from InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, designed for children to learn about and explore their travel destination, before, during and after their holiday. The app has been created in partnership with National Geographic Kids.

To celebrate the launch of the Planet Trekkers app, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts appealed to children from all over the world to compile the Top 50 Travel List to be experienced by the age of 12, based on their most interesting, exciting and memorable travel adventures.

From the reams of real-life experiences submitted by young adventurers across the globe, Daniel Raven-Ellison, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and family adventurer, helped curate the Top 50 List. Based on his extensive knowledge of individual cities around the world, and the many hours spent experiencing different cultures, atmospheres and ways of life off-the-beaten-track, in each of these destinations.

The Top 50 Ultimate Children’s Travel Experiences include (full list below):

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  • Stand in two countries at the same time
  • Walk over an inactive volcano
  • Float in a lagoon
  • Cross the Equator
  • Learn to cook a native dish
  • Barter in a Grand Bazaar

Simon Scoot, Vice President, Global Brands, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts said, “The InterContinental brand is dedicated to providing enriching and authentic experiences to our guests, however big or small. The launch of the new Planet Trekkers app in partnership with National Geographic Kids, helps us do this. It allows families to discover the world together in a very unique and interactive way, whereby even the youngest of travellers can cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them.”

The app is based on a treasure hunt style game and challenges children to discover indigenous wildlife, take part in local adventures, and taste native dishes, to truly get them excited about their holiday. It allows children to learn more about exciting adventures to experience within four categories – Natural Discoveries; Active Pursuits; Local Culture and New Flavours. The Planet Trekkers app also allows children to upload photos and details from their adventures.

The app is part of the Planet Trekkers family programme, a club of tailored services, cuisine and activities that are specifically created for families. It allows families to explore the world together and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them – with an InterContinental touch.

Over the past two years the programme has seen a number of enhancements including the introduction of the Planet Trekkers Children’s Menu and partnership with renowned Norland College. The National Geographic Kids partnership and launch of the new children’s app is the latest addition to the Planet Trekkers programme.

The Planet Trekkers app is available to download free of charge from the iTunes App Store.

Top 50 Children’s Travel Experiences (in no specific order)

1. Float in a lagoon
2. Walk over an inactive volcano
3. Discover ancient temples and ruins
4. Camp in the mountains
5. Catch a train between countries
6. Dig for fossils
7. Make new friends who speak a different language
8. Photograph a local bird of prey
9. Create beach art with seashells
10. Cross the Equator
11. Taste authentic Bush Tucker
12. Take a dip in a river
13. Discover a local animal sanctuary
14. Ride on the back of a local animal
15. Roast marshmallows on a fire
16. Go to the highest point of a city
17. Drape a snake around your shoulders
18. Feel the rhythm of a traditional dance
19. Take a stroll in a night market
20. Learn history in an ancient castle
21. Enjoy a local festival
22. Experience a theme park
23. Go on a canyoning adventure
24. Barter in a Grand Bazaar
25. Build a giant sandcastle
26. Feel the splash of a waterfall
27. Learn to cook a native dish with a local
28. Photograph the mesmerising Northern Lights
29. Sleep under a mosquito net
30. Spend a day underwater snorkelling
31. Stand in two countries at the same time
32. Go whale watching
33. Sleep under the stars
34. Take a walk in a National Park
35. Trek to the top of a mountain
36. Go on an authentic Husky sledge ride
37. Eat ice cream in Italy
38. Go on a safari drive
39. Explore a city by bike
40. Surf at sunrise
41. Explore a shipwreck
42. Learn about a local folklore
43. Sleep on a boat
44. Explore a lake by kayak
45. Learn how to play a foreign instrument
46. See the world from a birds-eye view in a plane
47. Taste a delicious local dish
48. Get lost inside a museum
49. Catch local transport in a foreign country
50. Witness a local ceremony, such as a wedding

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