Hilton Garden Inn targets busy business women

HiltonGardenInn_WomenInfographicDespite the rise of technology and flexibility in the workplace, a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research* on behalf of Hilton Garden Inn, revealed women still find it challenging to juggle work and personal life needs. In fact, 71 percent of these women would clone themselves to achieve everything they need to get done in a day. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as the majority of respondents agreed the empowerment and insight of fellow “super-women” offers the key to help them win.

“We created Hilton Garden Inn’s ‘Bright On’ campaign to help distinguish ourselves as the go-to destination for business women,” said Judy Christa-Cathey, vice president, focused service brand marketing and Hilton Garden Inn. “We know travel is a big part of the balancing act. That’s why we are on a mission to help women feel empowered and make life smoother and easier.”

In time for International Women’s Month, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Worldwide’s upscale global brand of hotels, has partnered with a diverse group of savvy professional women who will be known as the HGI “Bright Minds” for a special social media campaign. These influential ladies will share their challenges, successes and insights to get more done.

“From eating well and working smartly to staying fit and traveling stress-free, Hilton Garden Inn’s ‘Bright Minds’ will help us support busy business women and inspire them to keep shining brightly,” Christa-Cathey added.

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Other noteworthy survey result findings include:

  • Woman Power! – 79 percent agree to getting twice as much done in a day as a man could
  • Power in the Numbers – 85 percent of employed women would be more likely to ask a fellow woman for help to get something done quickly at work
  • Tech Help – self-cleaning carpets (34 percent), self-folding laundry (34 percent ), 3-D printers for meals (18 percent) are the top three gadgets busy women would have
  • Home Alone – 67 percent confessed to wanting their significant others to go away on business trips so they can have time to themselves

* Wakefield surveyed 1,002 women 18+ nationally between Feb. 14 and Feb. 22, 2016, using an email invitation and online survey.

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