Adria Hotel Forum confirms panelists and program

The fourth edition of international hotel investment conference Adria Hotel Forum will be held at the Sheraton hotel in Zagreb on February 10-11 with the theme “INVESTments in hotel industry: Shaping the future”.

Adria Hotel Forum panelists
Adria Hotel Forum 2015 panelists.

Founded in 2013, the Adria Hotel Forum gathers Croatian and foreign experts to discuss potential developments and investments in the hotel industry.

Now approaching its fourth edition, the Adria Hotel Forum has set a goal to become a conference where all regional countries are represented with both panelists and participants.

Adria Hotel Forum 2016 confirmed panelists:

  • Keith Evans, Starwood Capital Group
  • Takuya Aoyama, Hyatt International
  • Frank Reul, Accor Hotels
  • Dr. Sanja Cizmar, Horwath HTL
  • Andrew Coutts, ILM Real Estate
  • Oliver Corlette, Porto Montenegro
  • Ivica Cacic, Marriott International
  • Justin Smathers, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Hylko Versteeg, IHG
  • Valeriano Antonioli, Lungarno Collection
  • Julian Houchin, iO Management
  • Kristian Sustar, Dubrovnik Adriatic Hotels
  • Tomislav Ceh, Union Hotels
  • Enes Kazazic, SEIC
  • Zivorad Vasic, Crowne Plaza Belgrade
  • Dinko Novoselec, AZ Fund
  • Aleksandar Vasilijevic, Falkensteiner Belgrade
  • Tarik Bilalbegovic, Ascendant Project Finance
  • Zeljko Kukurin, Valamar Hotels & Resorts
  • Marius Gomola, Horwath HTL
  • Manolis Psarros, Toposophy
  • Nikola Avram, MK Mountain Resort
  • Tomislav Popovic, Maistra
  • Tobias Brown, TUI development
  • Tarik Bilalbegović, Ascendant Project Finance
  • Goran Fabris, Maistra

Adria Hotel Forum 2016 preliminary program:

Day 1: The Present

9:30 Introduction presentation: Let’s talk numbers: Hotel as an asset and ROI in relation to the competition markets
9:50 Panel: The big capital talk
11:00 Panel: Regional ministers on future development plans
12:30 Networking lunch
14:00 Panel: Tenders: alignment with global standards
14:30 ASIC presentation: Innovative hotel application
14:40 Short talk: Opportunities and challenges, overview on the region: City hotels, mixed-use resorts, luxury hotels and resorts, camps, marinas
16:15 Panel Hard talk: regional operators vs. global brands
17:15 Panel What financial institutions offer in this unstable market

Day 2: The Future

9:30 Panel: What are the development predictions from hotel related industries?
10:30 Panel: How can be used in investment decision making
11:45 Panel: Managing hotel development: project management, construction costs, spatial efficiency
12:45 Panel: Sharing economy and the future of hotel industry

eHotelier is proud to partner with the Adria Hotel Forum in 2016. For more information and to receive a 10% discount on event registration, visit the Adria Hotel Forum event listing.

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