Guest Experience: Dos and don’ts for 2024: a webinar you cannot miss!

Whether you are part of the marketing area, operations or revenue management, if you belong to the hotel industry, thiswebinar nov 23 is for you.

As the year comes to an end, let’s dig deep into the things that are working and what are not anymore.

Everything is changing! And your property and you can’t stay behind. Guests expect different things than the years before, and to meet their needs, you need to get as much insight as you can.

In this session, we will unravel all those topics and provide practical recommendations you can apply from day 1 of the new year.

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You are the only one missing! Sign up today and prepare for a chat that will give you significant input for the upcoming months.

Bookboost, Atomize, Proposals & Goki

Who is joining?


● Anna Randow, Global Sales Director at Bookboost

● Anna Boulard Israelsson, from Proposales

● Marco Kleiner from Atomize

● Mark Evans from Goki

Tags: Dos and don'ts, guest experience

Marketing Manager, Sweden

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