Maestro Analytics help independent operators see the future

MaestroOperational reporting is important for daily property management. Housekeeping status, due-outs, expected arrivals, guest folios are reports that hoteliers use every day. Valuable tools, but they don’t make the hotel money. What does, are analytics reports that forecast revenue, demand and expenses for next month and next year.

“Independent operators have to rely on their own experience and skill to operate profitably,” said Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan. “Maestro’s responsibility as a solution provider is to give them easy-to-use data mining tools and the training to use them successfully. Maestro PMS has hundreds of 1-click management reports, but our Analytics Business Intelligence data gives operators the tools to go beyond standard reporting to custom forecasting analysis. These are the tools that help operators build a more profitable business.”

The Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software suite of 20+ solutions is the industry’s most robust and well supported system for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.

“We configure custom reports and provide services for every installation,” Dehan said. “We teach operators how to use their data and assess results so they can run a more efficient and profitable operation.”

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Maestro PMS’ team created custom Analytics BI data view reports that are operator-configurable to meet each property’s unique requirements. “An accurate forecast is the essential roadmap an operator relies on to plan their business strategy for the coming year,” said Dehan. “Maestro Analytics has added data analysis processes that deliver new Booking Pace and Market View reports to show multiple demand factors that include revenue, occupancy, and other metrics by market, segment and other areas. The power in these reports is their ability to show current and past periods and project property metrics into future periods for an accurate forecast.” Dehan noted that the Analytics data may be customized for a nearly unlimited number of variables and formats. “Many operators download their Pace Report into Excel to run their own ‘what-if’ projections.”

Maestro Analytics data also reports real-time guest behavior measurement. “Our Analytics Marketing View is a performance report that operators value,” Dehan said. “It measures guest spending by segment, profit center, market, rate type and other factors generated by each marketing campaign. When you know where guests spend their money, you can build campaigns and packages that they value.” Maestro provides online eLearning classes, an eLearning library and tutorials that make it easy for operators to learn how to use Analytics and other reports.

Maestro Mobile puts company data in your hand

“There are three elements required to use data effectively,” said Dehan. “The data must be timely and accurate, it must be understandable, and it must be available when and where you need it.  Maestro’s reports are mobile compatible so managers and owners can access strategic data on their handheld or tablet while they travel.” Specific reports may also be emailed to managers and ownership after night audits so they can respond instantly to information before it impacts the bottom line.

For more information on Maestro PMS or for a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite’s more than 20 modules please contact Maestro PMS at 1.888.667.8488 or email

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