Give staff, hotel guests the gift of better communications in 2016 with HotelTap

hoteltap logo better communicationThe holiday season is right around the corner and with it comes expectations for a prosperous new year with heightened revenues and increased guest loyalty. Owners of limited-service hotels with 50+ rooms can enter 2016 knowing that they will operate stronger than ever before by equipping their staff with HotelTap—a fun and affordable communications tool that streamlines messaging, improves guest service and loyalty, generates positive online reviews, and drives revenues to the bottom line.

“HotelTap is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through,” said Sandip Jariwala, developer of HotelTap and owner of the Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham in Alameda, Calif. “There is nothing more critical to the success of a hotel’s operation than accurate and instant communication between management and staff in order to meet customer expectations. The best tool to invest in for the new year is one that staff and management enjoy using . . . one that guests’ appreciate because their requests are instantly met . . . and one that captures potentially lost revenues for owners.”

HotelTap is a “digital logbook in the cloud” that replaces notebooks, paper tickets, sticky notes, internal emails, spreadsheets, text messages and radios for recording and responding to guest requests, performing and tracking maintenance tasks, and resolving customer complaints. Using a social media network format, HotelTap leverages mobility and the cloud to share information between those who “need to know,” from department to department, employee to manager, and manager to owner, in one comprehensive location.

HotelTap contains a comprehensive analytical dashboard that records and tracks guest complaints and provides a snapshot of maintenance and equipment issues and task history relating to them, by category and physical areas of the hotel. The dashboard neatly organizes the property’s complaint records so operators can easily pinpoint problem areas. The system offers alerts for tags so that managers and owners can be notified via text messages about particular issues as soon as they are entered in HotelTap.

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Likewise, the HotelTap dashboard organizes maintenance tasks in a To Do list so they can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. Daily activity reports of all staff and department communications can be received in PDF format so they too can be accessed and viewed on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Give Staff the Gift of Productivity

· HotelTap provides a fun and convenient central location for staff to record accurate, detailed action items that need addressed during their shift or the next
· HotelTap enables employees to communicate in their language of choice, including Spanish
· HotelTap ensures that all guest requests and department tasks are fulfilled, giving staff peace of mind that they did their jobs right the first time

Selma Becirovic, Guest Services Manager at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Oakland/Alameda, said this about her gift of HotelTap:

“At any given time I can see what is happening and how well our hotel is performing — from responding to guests’ requests to resolving complaints. I can honestly say that we have few to no negative reviews because our staff is continually staying on top of everything. If there is a problem, HotelTap’s analytical dashboard shows us exactly what areas we need to concentrate on. HotelTap has especially made our maintenance department function more efficiently. Taking care of guests has never been easier.”

Give Guests the Gift of a Problem-Free Stay

· HotelTap gives guests peace of mind that their requests were recorded accurately and will be completed in a timely manner as requested
· HotelTap eliminates the need for guests to file complaints about faulty furnishings, fixtures or equipment
· HotelTap ensures that guests’ online reviews will always be positive reflections of a great stay

Parry Bir, General Manager of the Country Inn & Suites in San Carlos, Calif., said he appreciated getting HotelTap because it makes his guests happy and it has raised his hotel’s satisfaction scores.

“Before HotelTap I had problems getting written messages right away. By the time I would find a message — and decipher the employee’s handwriting — chances were pretty high that too much time had passed for me to respond effectively. We tried putting messages into Word, but that didn’t prove to be any more efficient. Now that HotelTap is in place, the second a note is added, I see it and address it. I now manage my hotel minute by minute, not the next day. HotelTap is making me and my guests happy.”

Give Yourself [Owners] the Gift of Prosperity

· HotelTap captures potentially lost revenues with its Waitlist feature
· HotelTap eliminates the need to issue guest refunds for bad stays
· HotelTap prevents costly equipment repairs and vendor charges

“In my 20 years of owning and operating hotels, I have always understood the importance of accurate and instant communication in helping me and my employees meet customer expectations,” HotelTap’s Jariwala said. “I knew I needed to leverage mobile technology and the cloud to run my hotel more efficiently; that meant dramatically changing the way we communicate at our property. That’s when I gave myself a gift and designed HotelTap — a tool that provides me with a steady stream of daily activities and information in chronological order by department and by staff start time. If you use a social media network like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll love HotelTap. It closely resembles enterprise social software such as Yammer and Chatter and project-management tools like Basecamp or Asana.”

HotelTap is designed to:

· Replace notebooks, paper tickets, internal emails, spreadsheets, text messages and radios
· Be easily accessible from any Wi-Fi device
· Facilitate mobile notifications sent to employees with links for responding directly to issues
· Print task lists for employees
· Deliver daily activity reports to keep a paper trail of all communications
· Manage Waitlist, Lost & Found, Group Reservations and other operational tasks
· Track and analyze guest complaints and maintenance issues
· Search information with TAGS and words
· Create recurring checklists for shifts, inspections and preventive maintenance
· Attach documents, photos and videos to notes and tasks
· Provide equipment records to save time and make informed expense decisions
· Store unlimited data and notifications

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