H.E.A.D. launches its procurement system

Rupert Simoner, CEO Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG & Lars Schmid, Managing Director of H.E.A.D. (left to right)
Rupert Simoner, CEO Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG & Lars Schmid, Managing Director of H.E.A.D. (left to right)

The Steigenberger subsidiary “Hotel Equipment and Design GmbH” (H.E.A.D.) is now making its H.E.A.D.@web procurement platform available to strategic partners and customers. The tool offers hotel-specific solutions which are capable of collaborative use.

Austria’s largest hotel group Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG will be working with the e-Procurement System developed by H.E.A.D. in future. The platform is a modern, intuitive and web-based tool which is explicitly aligned to the needs of the hotel and services sector. It ensures greater transparency, monitoring and control of all purchase activities, lays the foundations for a strategic procurement approach and has been successfully deployed at Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts and at InterCityHotels since as long ago as 2013.

“Our procurement system enables us to export expertise from a range of branches for the use of third-party customers,” said Lars Schmid, Managing Director of H.E.A.D.. “Its most impressive feature is the intelligent linking of cooperation and autonomy.”

Hotels order their goods electronically from catalogues managed by the supplier. Procurement managers are able to view, authorise or reject orders. Customers adopt the existing H.E.A.D. catalogue by agreement.

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Collaborative Sourcing is a unique model developed as a platform by H.E.A.D for joint procurement projects. Volumes, processes and expertise can all be bundled, and the best possible use can be made of synergies.

Vienna International manages a total of 38 hotels located between Russia and France from its company headquarters in the Austrian capital. 14 hotels in Germany form part of the group, including the design hotel Andel’s in Berlin and two Angelo Hotels in Munich. The procurement system is initially being introduced in all hotels in Germany, and a subsequent roll-out of the tool to all regions is planned.

Rupert Simoner, CEO of Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG, stated: “There were two good reasons why we decided to enter into cooperation with H.E.A.D.. The processes are effective and volumes are increased, especially for specialist suppliers. We have meaningful evaluations available at all times and have a strategic planning tool at our disposal. Another important aspect for us is that we have access to the best products, to sustainable products and above all to local products. The crucial factor is probably the fact that we have more time for our core business of being a genuine host.”

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