Build your own minibar at Marriott’s west coast hotels

MinibarMinibars are on the way out, or so suggestsÊa report in The New York TimesHotels have really transformed from the good ol’ days when everything you wanted wasÊin the room. They’re now catering to millennials, who the industry believes wantÊeverythingÊout of the roomÊin communally shared spacesÑeven work environments.Ê

That doesn’t appeal to everyone, however. Take 26-year-old travel blogger, consultant and millennial Ben Schlappig, for example. His blog, One Mile at a Time, chronicles the 365 nights a year he stays in hotels, and he tells the Times that communal spaces don’t work for him:Ê

ÒI’m a millennial, but I’m also an introvert,” said Mr Schlappig.Ê”Hotel executives are building everything around millennials right now and they expect all millennials to want to work in these hip, communal lobby spaces or in bed. That doesn’t work for me.Ó

So what does that mean for the minibar? Well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s rare to findÊmore than an empty mini fridge in a modern property these days.ÊMinibars take up a lot of space and are expensive to maintain, so it’s not surprising that they were one of the first casualties of the modern hotel era.Ê

However, a new trend is picking up where the minibar left off: What if you could build your own,Êjust to your liking?

Marriott hotels are giving their guests on the West Coast the chance to do just that. A new Build Your Own Mini Bar package provides guests with a $20 credit to the MarketÑa mini grocery store at each hotelÑevery night of theirÊstay.Ê

Those traveling to Northern California, the Pacific Northwest or the Rockies can return to a refrigerator stocked with their favorite snacks and drinks, chosen from the Market. The package is available when booked online at Marriott properties, including Courtyards, Residence Inns and TownePlace Suites.Ê

By Janeen Christoff from Travel Pulse

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