German hotel market still leading in Europe - Insights

German hotel market still leading in Europe

Globally hotel markets are facing huge changes. Europe, and in particular Germany, can be measured in terms of renewals and smart future hotels. Currently there are 595 hotels in the pipeline for Germany, which equates to almost a third of all hotel construction projects in Europe. 

Motel One Berlin
Motel One Berlin

Overview of selected hotel markets in Europe:
Europe – 1.572 projects with 269,085 rooms

Germany: 595 projects / 77,142 rooms
UK: 183 projects / 31,393 rooms
France: 72 projects / 14,402 rooms
Spain: 78 projects / 15,821 rooms
Italy: 68 projects / 9,949 rooms

For comparison:
USA – 1.189 projects (238,835 rooms)
China – 764 projects (208,307 rooms)

The structural transformation of the hotel industry in Germany continues vigorously. According to market experts, more hotel chains will be aggressively expanded in five years, which will increasingly put pressure on the middle tier. In addition, the qualitative demands of the guests will change and rise further in the next few years. Mediocre businesses will find it increasingly difficult and only good companies will do good business, which is the analysis of the prestigious hotel adviser Prof Stephan Gerhard.

Still on the rise is the low-budget hotel chain Motel One which has 13 new hotels currently in the pipeline in Germany, including Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Leipzig. Next spring the Motel One Berlin Upper West will open its doors with 580 rooms. The hotel will be located in the new Atlas Tower in Berlin.

Source: This data has been compiled by TOPHOTELPROJECTS, a leading provider of global b2b hotel data.

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