Atelier de Hoteles announces US$700 Million investment in Mexico - Insights

Atelier de Hoteles announces US$700 Million investment in Mexico

Fransisco Gutierrez
Fransisco Gutierrez, CEO of new Atelier de Hoteles

Atelier de Hoteles, the Mexican chain that aimes to reinterpret the traditional models of the hospitality industry, has announced an investment of US$700 million in Mexico. The company claims it will create 10,000 direct jobs during the next five years across Mexico.

During that period, Atelier de Hoteles’ business plan involves the opening of five thousand rooms within the 20 hotels to be built in the most important cities and leisure destinations in Mexico.

“We want to improve the experience of travelers, and we are ready to face the challenges posed by the hospitality industry of this millennium. That is why we will rate our hotels using different parameters […] in order to have better communication with contemporary travelers”, according to Francisco Gutiérrez, CEO of Atelier de Hoteles.

The brand classification proposed by Atelier de Hoteles begins with MET, that makes its first appearance as “Opera Prima”, followed by ESTUDIO classified as “Opera Magna”, and Atelier, identified as “Masterpiece”, whose purpose is to redefine luxury and Mexican sophistication. Finally, its hybrid brand, ÓLEO, which takes existing hotels and reinvents them, uses an “A Tempo” category.

  • Met (Opera Prima) is the urban, warm, and fun brand targeted to the new and young executives who seek connectivity, independence and reliability at a fair price. Its mission is to make guests smile and feel comfortable.
  • Estudio (Opera Magna) is the urban and beach (all-inclusive family friendly), efficient and quality brand targeted to mid-high income executives and families who want comfortable spaces to work and interact in, as well as connectivity and entertainment. Its mission is to make guests reflect upon the experiences they had at each facility.
  • Atelier (Masterpiece) is the premium urban and beach (all-inclusive, adults only) brand targeted to those high-income guests who wish to live memorable experiences by themselves or with their companions in a barefoot luxury atmosphere. Its mission is to touch and excite guests through artwork.
  • Óleo (A Tempo) The brand transforms existing urban and beach hotels and reinvents them to meet the Atelier de Hoteles’ standards. Its mission is to inspire reinvention.

Atelier de Hoteles will open the first Óleo in February 2017: ÓLEO CANCÚN PLAYA. In July 2017, it will open ESTUDIO CANCÚN CENTRO and in December 2017, the first Masterpiece will be ready, ATELIER PLAYA MUJERES.

“Atelier de Hoteles is a socially responsible company that voluntarily contributes to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the communities that surround them. The brand will create jobs and development of vulnerable groups, such as senior citizens, indigenous communities, disabled persons and single mothers. Furthermore, we are working hand in hand with Victoria 147 to promote and help female entrepreneurs. Also, the construction of our hotels will follow the LEED certification”.

Atelier de Hoteles claimes it is a great investment opportunity, as it will provide higher ROIs than is common in the industry. It will also be the breeding grounds for Mexican contemporary artists and Mexican talent. It will be an inspiration for the new generations”, added Francisco Gutiérrez.

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