Media Box to offer e-papers to Chinese guests in their own language

ÊIn cooperation with the Chinese publishing and distribution company China International Book Trading Corporation (CIBTC), Munich-based media company Media Carrier isÊexpanding the offering of its digital media library Media Box to include more than 60 e-papers to Chinese including newspapers and magazines, such as China Today or Fashion Beijing. This latest expansion is good news for tourism companies worldwide using the e-paper library who can now also provide their Chinese guests and customers with publications in their own language.
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The Media Box is mainly used by airlines and hotels, and with more than 100 million Chinese travellers undertaking international trips each year, it is vital for these international tourism companies to integrate Chinese-language content in order to meet their customers’ needs. The Chinese market is important and growing one for the travel industry and providing first-class and innovative services is key. Offering free-of-charge content to customers in their own language when they’re abroad can be a big plus, leaving lasting positive impressions in people’s minds. The Media Box is, therefore, an ideal tool for hotels and airlines.

The wide range of Chinese titles now included make the Media Box also a very interesting proposition for airlines and hotels in China and Southeast Asian countries where customers benefit from Media Carrier’s cooperation with CIBTC as well as other cooperations with, amongst others, Singapore Press Holding, Mongoose Asia, Hankook Ilbo or the Nation Multimedia Group.

ÒMedia Carrier is step-by-step expanding its business operations in relevant markets. After establishing numerous successful media cooperations in the USA, we are focussing on China and Southeast Asia and are delighted that the portfolio of our digital media library now includes numerous quality publication from this region,Ó says Media Carrier’s Managing Director Philipp J. Jacke. ÒThe Media Box is a very attractive service offering for all airlines and hotels that have a lot of Chinese-speaking guests because it can provide them with a competitive advantage. If you want to really convince your guests, simply offering them a basic service such as accommodation or a flight is not enough anymore. It’s all about the quality of the additional offers. They are the decisive factor when it comes to booking or re-booking a certain hotel or airline.Ó

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CIBTC’s Business Director Mr. Li Zhiyong adds: ÒMedia Carrier is a top distribution and cooperation partner for us with excellent digital media distribution know-how and expertise. We are very interested in making our publications available beyond geographical borders to an increasingly mobile readership and Media Carrier’s Media Box is the perfect tool to achieve this goal.Ó

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