Stayful puts the entire hotel experience in customers’ hands

stayful logoStayful has announced the release of new features that go beyond booking and put the entire hotel experience in customers’ hands. It is now not only easier to find and book unique hotels across the country, but guests can also check-in, checkout, chat with concierge and more from the palm of their hands.

Stayful is the new generation OTA for boutique and independent hotels: fair commissions, free mobile software for guests and an innovative business model where every partnering hotel makes money.

Book a room at the best price

Stayful is the simplest way for consumers to discover and book boutique and independent hotels at a better price. The app instantly identifies hotels that meet each user’s particular set of needs and negotiates special rates on their behalf. With Stayful, guests can easily find a unique hotel they love and book it at the guaranteed best price in 3 simple taps.

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Chat with concierge to make the stay memorable

Guests can use the Stayful concierge to engage with the hotel and front desk, upgrade their room, order room service, and take advantage of any service the hotel offers. In addition, guests can use the Stayful concierge for services outside the hotel, such as booking theater tickets or making restaurant reservations.

Checkin, checkout and more from the app

With this new version of the app, guests can also check into their hotel with one tap and skip the lines at the front desk. At the end of their stay, guests can checkout of their hotel with Stayful on the way back home, and the bill will be right in the app.

Boutique and independent hotels love Stayful

Hotels have been using Stayful to fill their unsold inventory. Now, the company also enables hotels to provide their guests with a seamless mobile experience that improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. While boutique and independent hotels want to engage their guests on mobile devices, the fact is that most guests are not going to download a separate app for every hotel they visit. Stayful solves this pain point by providing the software to the hotels for free. Guests only have to download one app and whenever they check into a new hotel through Stayful, the app transitions to the aesthetic of that hotel. Guests can then manage their entire stay through the app without ever having to pick up the phone.

Stayful’s new features also provide hotels with unprecedented insight into their guests’ experiences and enable them to preemptively address problems. Many hotels only discover that a guest had a bad stay once it’s too late, when they see a low rating or a read a negative review on TripAdvisor. Stayful allows hotels to deal with issues at the beginning of the stay, as opposed to after. A short period of time after check-in, Stayful asks guests for first impressions of their room so the hotel can quickly remedy the situation if there is a problem.

Why Stayful Exists

Stayful created this marketplace to support the boutique and independent hotel community. With this new version, hotels will not only acquire customers through a lower cost booking channel; hotel partners who implement Stayful’s new software will earn referral fees for all new bookings through the Stayful app.

Stayful is redefining the hotel experience for the modern, mobile era for both guests and hotels.

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