nSight invests to support expanding European customer base

nsight logonSight, a leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for hotels and destinations, continues its advancement as a global big data leader has announced an investment in technology and customer support that improves marketing and revenue strategy decision making for European hotels and destinations. The investment supports nSight’s growing European client base of independent hotels, chains, and management companies in Europe, as well as partnerships rolling out in the first and second quarters of 2016.

After North America, Western Europe is the largest online travel booking market. In 2015, digital travel sales for the region were estimated at $151.73 billion, up 8.0% from the previous year. 1

Expanding Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Analytics

nSight now aggregates over 90 million online hotel “looks and books” daily across third-party websites. To better service its growing portfolio of European customers, nSight created a European version of its technology, including updated cloud infrastructure and analytics. This localized investment and related support staff will allow for superior application performance while also enhancing algorithms to account for the unique way European travelers shop for hotels on third-party websites.

“Leveraging big data to improve marketing ROI and increase RevPAR is a top priority for European hoteliers, especially for chains and management companies that are managing growing pan-European portfolios,” explained David Orensanz, Founder of Cross-Tinental, nSight’s distribution, operations, and support services partner in Europe. “More so than ever, nSight’s forward-looking consumer shopping data delivers a view of unconstrained demand that European hotels can’t get anywhere else to optimize competitive pricing and target marketing for future arrival dates.”

nSight’s investment in Europe will position the company to continue its expansion as a respected big data leader. Delivering quality SaaS-based predictive data solutions, nSight empowers hotels worldwide to make smarter rate and inventory decisions with forward-looking demand forecasts while also improving the performance of hotel digital marketing by targeting consumers with the highest intent to book.


“We’re excited to be expanding our presence in Europe,” said Founder Rich Maradik. “This technology investment reinforces our commitment to our growing local customer base and the distinctive requirements of the dynamic European market.”

In 2016, hotel rates across Europe are expected to experience moderate price increases, as Europe’s economy stabilizes and demand increases without significant corresponding growth in inventory. 2

Predictive Data Solutions for Hotels

nSight’s Hotel Solutions consist of the nSight interactive SaaS application and action-oriented reporting that brings search, booking, and rate dynamics into one forward-looking view so marketing and revenue management can act together. nSight equips hoteliers with predictive data that gives a clear picture of who and where consumers are who are shopping right now for a hotel and its competitive set, allowing properties to boost online presence and grow direct bookings from active, qualified consumers.

To enable hotels and management groups to experience the power of predictive consumer data, nSight offers its Hotel Online Traffic Report free for hoteliers to try. Travel marketers and channel managers can compare how consumers shop and book their hotel on third parties with how they shop and book their own hotel website.

About nSight

nSight combines the world’s largest view of consumer shopping data with predictive marketing and revenue management solutions to deliver more guests to your hotel and visitors to your destination. Only nSight aggregates more than 90 million travel consumer shops and bookings daily across over 5,000 third-party travel websites. Understanding consumer shopping behavior, rate impact and future market demand enables better marketing and revenue management decisions. Follow nSight on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

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