WitBooking integrates with Triptease to drive more direct bookings for hotels

WitBooking integrates with Triptease Hotel booking engine WitBooking has announced it has partnered with Triptease in order to roll out the Price Check widget with its platform. This new integration will help WitBooking’s hotels to drive more direct bookings by providing price transparency on the hotel website, along with the benefits of booking direct.

Hotels using the WitBooking booking tool will now be able to seamlessly integrate Triptease’s Price Check widget.  Price Check is a smart widget that sits on hotel websites and displays prices from across the web in real-time. This reduces uncertainty surrounding a hotel’s direct price, saving consumers research time and giving them the confidence to book direct. It also enables hotels to show off the benefits of booking direct and provide automated discounting, should their prices be undercut.

The widget integrates into the WitBooking booking engine and shows live prices from three online travel agencies (OTAs) on a hotel’s website. This creates price transparency, encouraging direct bookings. WitBooking clients will also get access to the Triptease Platform, which provides analytics covering everything from widget appearances to disparities. This allows hotels to track what prices are displayed across the web and act on any unexpected issues within minutes.

“For the last 10 years we have been partnering with the major industry players (channel managers, OTAs, metasearch engines) to enable hotels access to the best of breed in hotel technology with seamless integration. There is no doubt Triptease belongs to this exclusive elite and we are extremely happy to have them on board.” said Ventura Martí, CEO and founder of WitBooking.

“Since launching January 2015, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how effective Price Check has been. It’s so simple, yet just works. Our clients have continually seen their direct bookings shoot up and the amount they pay third parties fall as a result”, said Alexandra Zubko, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Triptease. “We’re proud to partner with WitBooking to add fuel to our rocket ship and provide Price Check to thousands more hotels worldwide.”


Witbooking is very popular amongst the experienced revenue managers. Its advanced features enable new strategies to improve income. Dynamic pricing by geolocation or timeframe, private flash sales, upgrading and upselling tools have become a must. “We are delighted to be working with WitBooking. Their cutting edge solutions and customer centric values are perfectly aligned with our core tenets and make this an ideal partnership.” said Emily Assender, Partnerships Manager at Triptease.

Along with Price Check, the fast-growing SaaS company is continuously developing new tools which help hotels drive their direct bookings even further.

Hotels interested in the WitBooking Booking Platform or Triptease Price Check can make enquiries via [email protected]

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