Mews Navigator connects travellers directly with their hotel

servicesMews Systems has aounced the arrival of the Navigator—a new, free iOS and web app that helps travellers communicate directly with their hotels and navigate different cities around the world.

As Mews Founder Richard Valtr puts it, “We believe that great experiences are best facilitated by direct communication between travellers and their hosts. Hoteliers, traditionally have had to rely on interlocutors to present what their hotel and their city offers, and that’s the barrier we’re trying to remove.”

The Navigator is a virtual concierge, a guide and a direct line to your hosts—an app that allows hotels and travellers to seamlessly communicate while simultaneously acting as a personalised viewpoint on a number of global cities. Hotels and travellers now have a way to streamline their travel experiences from the palms of their hands.

Online check-in is the most convenient way to begin your stay at a hotel. With this feature, hotels can eliminate queues and improve the experience of arriving at a hotel by getting to know the customer before they’ve even walked through the door. It enables hotels to be prepared for any and all of their guests’ needs, and it allows guests to skip the irritating Credit Card preauthorisations and the necessity of filling out a guest registration form.

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The city guide gives access to a map showing all of the popular hot spots around the hotel and in the city and comes with filters to make sure travellers find exactly what they are looking for. Hotels can guide guests out on the town to recommended places and landmarks, and guests can also personalise guides themselves.

The messaging function is a direct line between guest and hotel staff, enabling a more efficient and effective way to communicate. Maybe a guest would like the air conditioning turned off? Maybe someone needs to know when the last train leaves the station because they are still stuck at dinner with a client. And would they prefer the hotel send a taxi instead? Whatever it is, hotels will have an easier way to give their guests exactly the information they require.

A multilingual option gives guests an easier experience with ordering room service, checking the bill or using the city guide from the comfort of their own room and in the comfort of their own language. Communication becomes entirely universal.

Access all of a hotel’s services with a mobile device. Now guests can order that late night burger from Room Service, schedule a spa treatment for the following morning, or maybe just find out that the fully booked-out tour to the castle has had a last-minute cancellation. The Navigator highlights all the different services that hotels offer, makes them directly orderable and enables staff members to update guests every step of the way.

The Navigator is an advanced travel technology platform that allows hotels and travellers alike to share in a more contemporary travel experience. For more information or contact

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