Stark generational divide in travel preferences

Findings from the survey conducted for the 2014 Zuji Travel Index suggest your age has a lot to do with your holiday travel preferences. Depending on whether you were born in the seventies (aged 35-44), eighties (aged 25-34) or nineties (aged 24 or under), your idea of what makes for a holiday very likely differs.

70s – “life-is-for-living” group

Those born in the seventies “life-is-for-living” group, for example, tend to be significantly less price conscious when it comes to holiday travel, with the vast majority of respondents in the segment (86 per cent) saying they are more concerned about flight schedules. Likewise, only 32 per cent of the group indicated that they would not consider flying on premium economy class. The findings correlate with a general appreciation for indulgent experiences among the seventies-born, 36 per cent of which said they would likely choose a luxurious meal if given a healthy travelling budget.

80s – “astute-and-skilled” group

In contrast, respondents from the eighties-born “astute-and-skilled” group tend to spend more time conducting pre-trip research and are more price sensitive. More than half of the group (51 per cent) said they would plan their trip via all channels available after tons of research. Some 21 per cent also mentioned they went travelling last time mainly because there was an instant travel discount for the destination, while a large share of the group (30 per cent) also expressed a willingness to consider the opinions of other travellers when selecting a hotel.

90s – “thrill seeker” group

The key trait among those in the nineties-born “thrill seeker” group meanwhile was the distinct appreciation for more excitement and adventure when it comes to holiday travel. Some 42 per cent said a once-in-lifetime trip would involve partaking in X Games sports, such as skydiving or bungee jumping. A large segment of the group (37 per cent) also expressed a desire to backpack around Europe for a month. And in a point linked to their adventurous personality, 31 per cent of the nineties-born respondents said they would not cancel a booked holiday no matter what.

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Commenting on the 2014 Index, Zuji CEO Charlie Wong said: “Every year, the Zuji Travel Index reveals interesting and surprising insights into the habits and preferences of Hong Kong travellers. This year, we surveyed over 2,500 individuals from the city, and segregated their feedback by year of birth, which allowed us to come up with some unique insights. We hope our fans can use those insights to better plan their trips with friends and family.

“And while the survey identified broad disparities between the aforementioned generations, its findings by no means applied to all in the age groupings,” added Wong. “Fortunately Zuji offers holiday packages for an extensive range of preferences and personality types.”

The latest booking statistic from Zuji also revealed Taipei, Bangkok, Tokyo and Seoul to be the most popular destinations for Hong Kong travellers, and the rising popularity of secondary cities like Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Koh Samui in Thailand.

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