Linda Meredith skincare range exclusive to Ayurah Wellness Centre ìn Thailand

Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga’s just-launched Ayurah Wellness Centre will be Thailand’s only home of the exclusive and sought-after Linda Meredith range of skincare products and therapies, as beloved by some of the world’s most famous and beautiful women.

Known as the ‘Queen of Facials’, Linda Meredith’s list of celebrity clients is legendary in the UK beauty industry, with names like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss among her regular visitors, along with a host of supermodels and celebrities, and male clients including Dennis Hopper, Jude Law and Colin Firth.

The industry-leading list of treatments Ms Meredith developed over more than 40 years at the vanguard of the beauty industry are now succinctly paired to Ayurah Wellness Centre’s commitment to delivering wellness that works.

Linda Meredith products have been developed to combat the ravages of chemicals, preservatives and hormones that can dramatically affect peoples’ skin. They also transcend simplistic pigeonholing of skin types as oily, dry or a combination of both.

The truth is far more complex, meaning a more bespoke and personalised approach is required,which is where Linda Meredith’s approach has made a difference.

Anchalika Kijkanakorn, the founder and Managing Director of Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga’s Bangkok-based parent company AKARYN Hospitality Management Services (AHMS), said she was delighted to introduce Thailand to the ‘revolutionary’ approach of Linda Meredith.

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“I’ve long been a fan myself,” Ms Kijkanakorn said. “Linda Meredith’s reputation has been built on recognising the dramatic impact on skin causes by pollutants and toxins in the air and in our diets, and in developing transformative counteractive treatments.

“It’s nothing less than a revolution in skincare, and now we are proud to introduce these cutting edge skincare products and therapies to Thailand through Ayurah Wellness Centre.”

Ms Kijkanakorn, also Chairman of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), said Linda Meredith products would be exclusively available at other Ayurah Wellness Centres set to launch over the next 12 months at Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi and AKARYN Samui, as well as at the upcoming AKARYN Koh Krabeay Retreat & Spa, opening in Cambodia in 2015.

Ms Kijkanakorn said all Ayurah Wellness Centre products worked to increase hydration levels and helped slow the ageing process. But more than that, she said, they removed unnecessary chemicals such as parabens, while ensuring safety during pregnancy.

“Our concept is to feed the skin with essential ingredients as we feed bodies,” she said. “We believe this is the way forward for the next generation of skincare products. The results speak for themselves. People are looking for wellness that works. They want results, and spas need to deliver on the their promises.”

Ms Meredith said finding partners with like-minded goals was ‘paramount to delivering the next generation in skincare’.

“We were contacted by several luxury resorts in Asia, but the decision to partner AHMS was a no-brainer, really,” Ms Meredith said. “My company is dedicated to striving for and achieving the highest standard and Ms Kijkanakorn has built her legacy on that philosophy. In a nutshell, it was immediately apparent to us that the future of our brand would be in safe hands.”

Ayurah Wellness Centre therapists are trained in the UK by Linda Meredith, and an on-going training programme which has been formulated to maintain high standards.

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