PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum new marketplace for high end luxury travel

PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum logoWorldwide Events and Great Hotels of the World, the global sales and marketing organisation for independent hotels around the world, have announced their collaboration on a new event: PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum.

PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum aims at further serving the leisure members of Great Hotels of the World as well as the clientele of Worldwide Events with a focus on the leisure segment.

Peter Gould, CEO of Great Hotels of the World, says: “There is a need in the marketplace for an efficient platform connecting buyers and suppliers of luxury leisure travel. We believe that Worldwide Events’ expertise and our combined handpicked clientele are the right ingredients to deliver that platform”.

The inaugural PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum will be held from 30 September to 2 October 2014 in Valletta, Malta. Delegates representing handpicked luxury hotels and influential travel buyers will attend 25 high quality one-to-one meetings during the three-day event. Each pre-booked meeting will last 15 minutes and is organised according to both buyers’ and suppliers’ meeting preferences. Structured business opportunity is the core of the Forum, but it also incorporates dynamic networking activities and a lavish social programme to deliver a rounded relationship-building experience. 

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There will be 40 elite buyers at the Forum, from Western Europe (UK, Germany, France etc.) and emerging markets (Russia and Eastern Europe). High-end travel agencies and tour operators, lifestyle management and concierge services, and elite incentive and event planners will bring their purchasing power to the table at this unique event.

The handpicked portfolio of 35 independent 5-star hotels combines a collection of Great Hotels of the World member hotels and Worldwide Events’ current client list. Alexander Alvarado, ecommerce Manager at Royal Garden Villas in Tenerife, said: “Attending a luxury leisure event like the PRIVATE Forum will allow me to reach out to key luxury agents and strengthen my hotel exposure by attracting a higher calibre of guests”.

Registration for both buyers and suppliers is now open and can be found on the event’s website:

PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum logo
PRIVATE Luxury Leisure Forum logo
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