Tourism Authority of Thailand issues update on Bangkok demonstrations

Anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok have the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) issuing regular updates on the situation as it may impact tourists to the city.

In its second statement of the day on January 15, it identified ongoing anti-government demonstrations at six downtown intersections and the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana Road. TAT claimed the atmosphere around the rally sites was peaceful.

Although roads at the rally sites were closed, traffic in most parts of Bangkok was moving as per normal as other roads and expressways were not affected. The statement did concede, however, that the marches by the anti-government demonstrators to different parts of Bangkok may have caused traffic disruptions at certain times.

While road congestion may have occurred near rally sites, TAT suggested other means of transport for tourists staying in blocked areas, such as the skytrain, the subway, the airport rail link or boat and ferry services.

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TAT stressed that tourists have not been targeted in the ongoing political demonstrations. However, it warned that shopping venues in the rally areas may change their opening hours or be closed and travellers should be vigilant and avoid areas where crowds may gather.

It is reported elsewhere that several hotels near the anti-government demonstrations sites are heavily discounting their room rates and are covering the costs of low occupancy levels through staff cuts.

By Pam Carroll,

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