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Make your hotel Instagram-friendly with these redesign tips

Colours and texturesSocial media plays a big role in promoting businesses such as hotels. In fact, hotels are now trying to lure guests through social media sites such as Instagram.

Encouraging guests to post photos of your hotel through Instagram is a great cost-effective way to promote your establishment to others. Make your hotel Instagram-friendly by trying these tips next time you do a redesign.

Luxury accessories

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a sense of luxury is through a creative use of accessories. Your choice of accessories can make a room feel and look cosier, a major factor most guests look for. Achieve a luxurious photo-ready ambience with your use of carpets, curtains, and cosy hotel furniture, such as lounge chairs and ottomans.

Creative lighting

Lighting is a major factor in capturing amazing photos. Try to incorporate as much natural light into the room with big windows and balconies. If that is not an option, try lighting fixtures that also look like art. Not only will they brighten up a room, they will be nice to look at and photograph too.

Eclectic features                                                         

Guests want to experience a unique accommodation and want to see things not normally seen in every other hotel or resort. Use distinctive pieces to make a room trendier. Experiment with eclectic decor mixes. Set yourself apart through local art as well. Locally-created sculptures or other art installations will improve your guests’ perception of your place at the same time create a truly unique experience they’d love to photograph.

Theme rooms

Another great way to stand out is to design one-of-a-kind theme rooms. Not only will these rooms push creativity into new heights but turns it into a destination in itself. This is exactly why pop-up and modular hotels are gaining popularity.

Spa-like bathroom features

A bathroom is not merely a necessity. Guests now expect hotel bathrooms to be more than what they’d typically get at home. It is, therefore, a place where you can provide your guests with ephemeral luxury. Make it a relaxing resort-like experience by incorporating spa features such as his and hers sinks, over-sized bathtubs, waterfall showers, giant towels, candles, and more.

Nature inside

Improve sensory experiences by bringing nature inside in every possible way. Expand your hotel rooms to include large decks and terraces. Letting your guests enjoy the fantastic view will provide them with many Instagram-worthy shots. Incorporating nature-inspired elements, such as indoor waterfalls, stone decor, wood panelling and hotel furniture and lush greenery, will also help your guests relax and unwind.

Play with colour and texture

It might be tempting to use a lot of patterns into your interiors but sometimes too much of these can be visually upsetting. Let go of patterns a little and focus on using more colour and texture instead. These let guests explore their senses, which results to more enjoyable and memorable experiences. A few bright colours can be used to animate spaces. In terms of texture, choosing a mix of items that are plush, sleek and natural are key.

Creating Instagram-worthy spaces in your hotel doesn’t have to be an expensive or exhaustive endeavour. Just focus on key areas that will provide the most enjoyable experiences for your guests and they’ll be sure to keep snapping and posting photos on Instagram.


Nextrend Furniture is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, providing stylish, comfortable, and Instagram-friendly hotel furniture.

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