apaleo announces Open Hospitality Cloud, an ecosystem for the hotel industry - Insights

apaleo announces Open Hospitality Cloud, an ecosystem for the hotel industry

Hospitality cloudapaleo has announced the introduction of the Open Hospitality Cloud Ñ the world’s first entirely open ecosystem for the hospitality industry.

Hospitality companies, technology vendors and app developers will be able to build their own customised hotel management platforms by plugging in their favorite apps and systems. Open Hospitality Cloud’s API will ensure that apps work together seamlessly and can support the fast digitisation of the industry.

apaleo’s Open Hospitality Cloud is centered around a true cloud PMS with an intuitive user interface which facilitates quick and easy implementations in hotels and hotel groups. At the heart of the platform, a powerful inventory system manages inventory of all kind; i.e. rooms, beds, workspaces or meeting rooms for any given period Ð not only overnight stays and day use offerings but also bookings specified to the minute encompassing spa appointments, late checkouts and anything else that is required to operate a hotel with flexible service offerings.

“There is a considerable need in the market for a new approach to deploying and running a PMS considering the mobile business requirements of the hotel industry,” said Martin Reichenbach, founder of apaleo.Ê”Hotel groups have been stuck with closed, inflexible systems for far too long and are looking for an open ecosystem.”

The Open Hospitality Cloud will provide third parties with a powerful open interface to pull all relevant data into their apps, apply business logic and push any data back into the platform. apaleo has already been working closely with several launch partners such as Conichi, Up Hotel Agency andOaky who are developing specialised apps that plug into The Hospitality Cloud.

“This will be a vast improvement over the status quo in which hotels may be dependent for years, if not decades, on a single vendor and their monolithic system,”Êsaid Stephan Wiesener, apaleo’s CTO. “The API has already been published and anyone is free to access our platform through our website (www.apaleo.com).”

A major benefit for the hotels will be the ability to pick vendors autonomously. The hotelier will be able to choose a housekeeping app from one vendor, a CRM app from another vendor and a banqueting app from a third vendor. The plug-and-play infrastructure of Hospitality Cloud ensures that everything works together smoothly. If the hotel is no longer satisfied with one of their apps, itwill be able to swap it for a different one from the Hospitality Cloud App Store.

“We are not technologists, we are hoteliers,” said Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Cloud7 Hotels.Ê”We have strategies we would like to implement in our hotels but are unable to do so because the technology has not allowed us to. In this fast-changing industry, we can’t afford to wait. We want solutions now. With Hospitality Cloud, we will be able to react quickly to changing environments. The possibilities will only get better over time.”

apaleo was founded in 2017 by experienced hospitality and cloud software experts. The Munich-based company is well-financed and already employs 15 hospitality enthusiasts.


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