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Wyndham Rewards launches branded ‘Have Points, Will Travel’ in-room sitcom

Wyndham Rewards has launched a sitcom for hotel guests. With a phased distribution to more than 7,500 Wyndham Rewards hotels around the world, the new series “Have Points, Will Travel,” is a program that follows a young married couple as they travel their way down the west coast of the U.S. with only the clothes on their backs and one million Wyndham Rewards points to get them there. It’s mockumentary sitcom meets reality TV, and it aims to show guests how simple and rewarding a great hotel loyalty program—not to mention in-room entertainment—can be.

“It’s no secret that in-room hotel TV programming is boring. Most people tune it out or click it off,” said Noah Brodsky, senior vice president of worldwide loyalty and engagement at Wyndham Hotel Group. “Talk about a missed opportunity. At Wyndham, we have hundreds of thousands of guests staying at our hotels each and every night. That’s hundreds of thousands of opportunities to connect on a daily basis in a way that’s not only fun and fresh, but that keeps us top of mind when they travel.”

Centered around newlyweds Dean and Traci, played by Stephen Visocan and Rachel Adams, the inaugural episode drops the intrepid husband and wife duo in an unknown location with only one million Wyndham Rewards points and nothing else—not even a little cash. With only each other, their wits and their points, the couple must make their way from destination to destination, all with the promise that by the end, whatever points they haven’t used, they get to keep. Along the way they meet colorful characters, tackle humorous challenges and, of course, discover just how simple and easy it is to use Wyndham Rewards.

Added Brodsky, “Great brands don’t just put out ads, they speak to their customers in ways that are memorable and that resonate. Great brands are creative, take chances and add value. That’s what we’re doing with Wyndham Rewards and “Have Points, Will Travel”. We have an opportunity through Dean and Traci to not only educate and entertain our guests, but inspire them to travel and create adventures of their own.”

Episode 1 of “Have Points, Will Travel” was directed by documentary, commercial and comedic filmmaker Josh Miller. The episode was produced by CY&N, the production arm of People Ideas & Culture (PI&C), a creative agency based in New York City. .

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