EyeforTravel’s Start-up and Innovation Awards calls for entries

Dozens of travel start-ups and innovators will be meeting in London, April 19-20 at EyeforTravel’s Start-up and Innovation Awards, to get the advice, contacts and potentially the investment they need to succeed.

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There may only be room for two really big OTAs but high growth companies such as AirBNB, Uber or Skyscanner are all the proof you need that travel start-ups and innovators can disrupt and thrive in the travel sector.

Since 1997, EyeforTravel has identified these companies and with mobile, data, and social media driving transformation and how we purchase travel at a frenetic rate, this year’s awards are set to reveal a future success.

But for every success, hundreds (if not thousands) fail. What are the secrets to success? What can we learn from those who have boldly gone before them? What do investors and the industry really see value in?

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EyeforTravel’s Start up and Innovation Awards will kick off with a ‘bootcamp’ style session. Audience members will have the opportunity to quiz ten of Europe’s top travel entrepreneurs including Clive Jacobs the founder of Holiday Autos, Dick Porter the founder of STA and Jason Katz from Kings Capital, the man that reunited the two Hilton Hotel groups. The ten entrepreneurs/investors (all with proven investment credentials) are on hand to share the mistakes, successes and share vital tips to success.

The open discussion format will allow entrepreneurs, experts and investors to share where they feel start-ups go wrong in their approach to seeking investment or industry buy in.

“EyeforTravel’s Start-up & Innovation Awards are an affordable way for travel start-ups and innovators to talk about what they are doing to a highly influential audience and get a foothold in the cut-throat online travel industry,”says Tim Gunstone, MD, EyeforTravel.

The Morning interactive sessions will be followed by EyeforTravel’s Start-up and Innovation Awards competition. Adhering to stringent judging criteria, a selection of start-ups and innovators will battle for a chance to pitch their innovation in front of the 400 strong Travel Distribution Summit.

This unparalleled marketing and promotional opportunity will catapult two companies not just into the hands of the press but into the hands of execs responsible for the pricing, marketing, sale and distribution of millions of Euros of hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, holidays, tours and activities.

The Summit is packed with networking and strategy setting opportunities and entries to the awards gives all the participants access to money making insight and profitable partnerships.

EyeforTravel’s Start-up Awards are open to all travel start-ups or existing companies that have launched a new industry shaking product or service. All entries must be received by April 10, 2016.

Find out more: http://events.eyefortravel.com/travel-distribution-summit-europe/awards.php

eHotelier is proud to partner with EyeforTravel’s Start-up and Innovation Awards.

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