University of Derby Online Learning offers flexible study options

If you are considering developing your skills and knowledge whilst working in the hospitality industry, the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) could be the right route for you.

What is University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL)?

As the thriving online learning division of the university, UDOL is dedicated to providing part-time online degree programmes, professional courses and CPD opportunities to people around the world who require more flexible study options.

University of Derby Online LearningOnline learning has seen a prolific growth in recent years, therefore the University has invested heavily in setting up a separate arm – UDOL. As a department it is growing from strength to strength because the interest in this mode is increasing rapidly, and they have already a made positive impact on the lives of learners globally.

Are the courses demanding, and would you recommend studying whilst working unsociable hours in the hospitality industry?

Online learning actually supports students, by placing fewer demands on them. For traditional academic study students have to attend a fixed location, at a fixed time, which can be difficult for those busy working unsociable long hours. Online learning allows students to engage with their study remotely and flexibly. Students can also take a break from study for personal or professional reasons and then come back onto the course at a later date that suits them.

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By combining the best quality university teaching and the latest online delivery techniques, learners can expect their studies to be stimulating, rich and rewarding. In addition, their support and guidance service ensures learners are able to get the very best out of their studies, no matter their location or situation.

How interactive and engaging is online learning?

UDOL prides itself on interactive courses. Gone are the days of a lone student staring at a computer. Instead the computer is their gateway to a whole community of students, from across the world, who they can constantly interact with whilst being supported by a professional academic team.

The learning materials provided allow students to engage in different virtual worlds; learn through videos, read the latest publications through the University’s e-library and work through bespoke learning materials produced by the academic team.

Can your online learners have a ‘social’ experience in the way that those on site would?

Students have online social spaces where they can talk to each other in virtual cafes, discussion forums for academic discussions, and live webinars with their academic team.

What courses does UDOL offer?

UDOL recently gained accreditation from the Institute of Hospitality, which is currently the only provider of online higher education to have institute accredited programmes. The hospitality courses include:

  • International Hospitality Business Management (top up) BA (Hons)
  • International Hospitality Business Management University Advanced Diploma
  • International Hospitality Management MA
  • International Hospitality Management Postgraduate Certificate
  • University Diploma in Hospitality Business Management – which will commence in September.

UDOL offers more than 40 different courses, to over 3,000 online distance learners, located all around the world.

Is an online degree as good as one from a ‘bricks and mortar’ university?

An online degree is exactly the same. The only thing that is different is the mode of study. They are the same quality, from the same awarding institution and are recognised in the same way by industry.

What are the pros of online learning?

  • Students can study at a time and a place that suits them. They can fit it around their work commitments, and engage with other students throughout their course.
  • Students can take a break from study and then come back onto the course at a later date.
  • All students receive academic tuition and guidance from highly qualified academics.
  • Students can connect with other people working in the same industry all over the world, enabling them to build global professional networks.

Is it more expensive to study online?

Studying online saves money and time and it is still the exact same degree as on campus.

For more information about UDOL, go to:

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