Sabre and Scoot-Tiger Airways announce global distribution partnership further increasing the airlineÕs reach globally

SabreSabre Corporation, the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, has announced a new global distribution partnership with Scoot-Tiger Airways. This partnership is in line with Scoot-TigerairÕs vision to bring affordable flight options and seamless customer experience for passengers around the world.ÊÊ

With the market becoming more competitive as travel service providers adapt to the changing habits and behaviours of travellers, particularly around addressing the demand for low-cost flight options, SabreÕs technology will enable Scoot-Tigerair to maximise its reach through the Sabre Travel Marketplace, connecting them to more than 425,000 travel agents globally. This helps ensure that consumers have access to the best possible deals available while creating more revenue opportunities for the airline and travel agents.

ÒLow-cost carriers (LCCs) are the biggest growth drivers in the region,” said Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President of Supplier Commerce, Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific.Ê”This trend is likely to continue as countries in the region experience rising incomes and a propensity for short- to midhaul travel. Airlines like Scoot-Tigerair are expanding their reach rapidly to cover destinations across the region to keep up with traveller demands. As one of the first LCCs in the region, we are honoured to work with Scoot-Tigerair, and our technology will allow them to compete more effectively in a very competitive environment.”

Effective May 2017, Scoot-TigerairÕs fares and ancillary offerings will be available to Sabre travel agents globally, allowing them to choose the most cost-efficient routes and packages for their customers.ÊÊÊ

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ÒScoot-Tiger Airways has offered affordable airfares since Tigerair started in 2004 and Scoot in 2012,” said Mr Trevor Spinks, Head of Sales and Distribution, Scoot-Tigerair.Ê”We have been adding more destinations constantly and entered into partnerships with airlines and alliances to ensure that we provide the best value for our customers. We are confident that the industry-leading solutions developed by Sabre will extend the reach of our value proposition, and help to drive aviation growth for the region.Ó

Scoot-Tiger Airways is a subsidiary of SIA Group and flies to 60 destinations in Asia Pacific between their networks and interline partnerships. Scoot-Tiger Airways tickets are now available via Sabre.

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