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“Price Alert” introduced as Bidroom’s latest feature

Bidroom's "Price Alert"The fastest growing online booking platform in Europe, Bidroom.com announces new feature named “Price Alert” that aims help users stay aware of the lowest rates online.

What “Price Alert” does, it keeps the guest who updated with the current prices of accommodation in the certain city and on specified dates. The technology developed by Bidroom’s IT team makes it possible to inform the customers, who are looking to book a hotel, if the rates went down. The offers are automatically picked, updated and sent directly to the users.

For example, let’s say that a guest wants to find an accommodation in Barcelona for one night on the 1st of March. He sees the offers, but decides not to book just yet. Bidroom will continue to check the offers for him every couple of days, and if there are better deals, he will receive an email. Now he’s just a few clicks away from booking a room at the best price, as Bidroom.com always offers the rooms at a discount between five and 15 percent off the prices advertised at other online booking platforms.

ÒWe believe that “Price Alert” will help those who are unconvinced to make a decision. Bidroom grants the customers the same rooms as offered on other booking platforms, but at better prices. We’ve developed this new feature, so that the users wanting to book a room through our platform, are more aware of the better deals waiting for themÓ – says Michael Ros, the startup’s CEO.

In addition to launching “Price Alert”, Bidroom.com also announced the update of its website, which from now on is also available in Spanish. In the end of 2016, the website was made available in Russian, Polish, German, Dutch, French and Italian. Together with English, and now Spanish, it makes for eight languages for the users to browse the platform in.

About Bidroom.com

Bidroom.com is the world’s commission-free online booking platform founded by Casper Knieriem (CFO) and Michael Ros (CEO) in 2014 in the Hague. Since then, the company has been growing quickly enough to move their headquarters to Amsterdam and open another office in Cracow, Poland. Bidroom doesn’t charge any commission from the hoteliers, and in exchange asks them to give the guests at least five percent discount off their rates advertised on other booking platforms, making it a win-win situation for both sides.

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