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Clock Software introduces Clock Kiosk as part of its cloud hotel system

Clock Kiosk
Clock Kiosk

There are no second chances with first impressions so it’s important to get it right the first time. Check-in is one of the first things guests experience at the hotel and with their digitally dominated lifestyles, they are most likely to prefer a prompt and self-directed process.

In its effort to provide the means to a more effective and likeable check-in process, Clock Software has developed Clock Kiosk – the new hotel self check-in kiosk. It allows hotel guests to:

  • Securely login and find their booking
  • Opt-in for a room upgrade
  • Fill in and sign their registration cards digitally
  • Pre-authorise or directly bill their credit cards according to hotel’s guarantee policies
  • Issue their doorlock key-cards.

Hotel kiosks are not a new invention, but they’ve always been standalone devices that need a somewhat tedious, expensive and limited integration with the hotel’s property management system. Even putting cost and stability aside, the fact remained that the self check-in kiosk, the PMS and the rest of the guest-facing apps a hotel might be using could only provide a rather fragmented guest experience.

It’s different with Clock Kiosk. It is a part of Clock PMS – the all-round cloud hotel management, distribution and guest engagement software from Clock Software. They are literally different screens of the same system. It can safely be said that this is the first cloud PMS with a self check-in kiosk and the first hotel kiosk with a PMS.

Ensuring a complete seamless guest service experience, Clock Kiosk is perfectly integrated with the rest of the available guest facing features, like the automated guest mailer, online check-in, digital guest service, ‘book a restaurant’, ‘rate your stay’, self check-in and many others. Now hotel guests can completely skip the reception if they prefer so.

While the hotel self check-in kiosk is the only option for the new breed of self-service hotels who opt for a new-look extreme digital experience or low cost economics, the more traditional full service properties could benefit from it adding a more human touch to their service. Imagine what a check-in experience could be were the tedious check-in formalities handled in advance with a few clicks or taps.

Clock Kiosk comes with a sleek design and high-end components. Its beautifulm well-finished, yet robust metal casing, is especially suited for public areas. Built with leading brand components, it integrates smoothly with leading payment processing and doorlock providers. Product images and specifications can be found here:

Clock Kiosk is priced aggressively at under £4550/€5000 (ex. VAT) which is, on average, almost half of the price of other competitive standalone hotel kiosk devices. There is also a moderate monthly fee for the kiosk add-on added to the hotel’s Clock PMS subscription.

After glowing feedback from beta-testing customers Clock Kiosk will be presented officially and will start selling on 7th November 2016 at the World Travel Market in London. It will be showcased at Stand TT530 at WTM Travel Technology section.


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