Heated towel racks aim to warm things up in hotel bathrooms

Amba towel racks
Amba towel racks

Amba Products, supplier of heated towel racks / towel warmers has released a new shelf model aimed at providing hotels with an affordable way to reduce energy, water, and laundry costs while greatly improving guest satisfaction.

“You often times see these little placards or door hangers in your hotel bathroom that are asking you to ‘help them save the planet’ by reusing your towels,” says Amba Product’s Fred Salati “you are paying for a luxury experience but they are almost trying to guilt you into using a damp towel so they can save money on laundry!”

Amba Products supplies a wide variety of heated towel rack designs for projects across the North and Central America — for bathrooms, pool houses, spas, and even yachts. “Anywhere you use a towel, you can use a towel warmer,” Salati clarifies, “by hanging your towel over these heated bars, you are making sure it gets dry far quicker than simply air drying. This is a huge help for interior bathrooms in hotels which often have limited ventilation to begin with — and by keeping towels dry and warm, hotels can expect guests to be far more satisfied in reusing their towels.”

Heated towel racks are relatively new to the USA — more frequently seen in upscale renovation projects or in designer bathroom projects: they are quickly becoming a focus in bathroom renovations.

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“We see many people who stay in hotels when traveling abroad to places like Europe where towel warmers have been around for quite a while,” Salati explains, “they experience the difference a heated towel rack makes and want to have that same luxury at home.”

Amba Product‘s latest offering, the Radiant Shelf (RSH) provides a classic wall-mounted heated towel rack with the added benefit of additional heated shelf space for stacking towels — keeping in mind the variety of towels you can expect to find in a hotel bathroom. It is also priced for large-scale projects: “Whether you’re the owner of a small boutique hotel or a specifier at a world-wide hotel chain, we’re confident that the benefits of heated towel racks will make them a must-have element in every bathroom,” continues Fred, “who doesn’t love a warm, dry towel?”

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