Duetto delivers Revenue Strategy Solutions to Dream Hotels - Insights

Duetto delivers Revenue Strategy Solutions to Dream Hotels

Duetto logoDuetto has announced an agreement to implement its Revenue Strategy solutions for Dream Hotel Group, bringing new insights on pricing and demand to the company’s Dream, Time, and Unscripted hotels totaling close to 2,000 rooms in urban and resort destinations in New York, California, Florida and Phuket, Thailand.

The agreement further accelerates rapid adoption of GameChanger, Duetto’s cloud-based predictive analytics platform, which provides hotels and resorts the ability to independently yield rates by channel, segment and room type in real time. Utilizing new consumer-centric data, including web shopping regrets and denials that help hotels gauge their lost business, Duetto provides actionable insights into future demand and the ability to leverage them through a powerful pricing engine.

“We are very happy to announce this agreement with Dream Hotel Group to bring our Revenue Strategy solutions to its unique properties around the world,” said Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth. “Rapid change in today’s marketplace makes it critical for hotels to be able to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity, and Duetto’s solutions bring the insight and flexibility to make it achievable. We are proud to partner with Dream Hotel Group, a leader and innovator in many areas of hospitality, to meet its diverse Revenue Strategy needs.”

“Dream Hotel Group is an intrinsically entrepreneurial and forward-thinking hotel company in how it approaches just about everything,” said Jay Stein, CEO, Dream Hotel Group. “As we strive to surpass the expectations of our guests and deliver unique on-property experiences, we are also excited to innovate in property management, revenue strategy and profit optimization.”

“We believe Duetto provides tools that reach new levels of excellence and innovation,” added Stein. “And we look forward to working together to transform our revenue strategy as partners.”

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