MiWell Nordic endorses RateTiger for online distribution

Fredrik Forsgren

Fredrik Forsgren

Stockholm based MiWell Nordic recommends eRevMax for hotel online distribution and channel management. Ten hotel clients of the management consultancy firm, using RateTiger Suite and LIVE OS solutions, have improved their online revenues significantly in the last one year.

MiWell caters to hotels across the board – resort properties, city hotels, country side hotels and also three and four star hotels, with an average of 100 rooms. Properties, using eRevMax solutions have been able to respond to market dynamics effectively resulting in an average 35% growth in online revenue. With their client hotels receiving almost 25% to 30% of their business from online channels, MiWell’s successful distribution strategy has made them one of the most sought after consultancy firms amongst independent hotels in Scandinavia.

Fredrik Forsgren, Strategic Doer, MiWell Nordic comments, “RateTiger is one of the best channel managers in the market. It is a very important tool to quickly and effectively manage online distribution. Our clients have experienced a lot of time saving in daily operations using RateTiger’s easy to use product platform. They have also seen online revenue grow to almost 35% since using these tools.”

He further states, “RateTiger makes real-time ARI updates on multiple OTAs, thanks to its seamless connectivity with various channels. Not only does that make the hoteliers’ lives easier, the automated controls to increase or decrease availability in a flick of a second is a boon, as it helps sell the last available room without any risk of overbooking. RateTiger lets the hotelier have complete control over the inventory at all times.”

eRevMax’s reservation delivery service helps hotel clients to receive reservation notifications coming from different OTAs directly into the hotel’s PMS. This gives a clear picture of actual availability so the hotelier can fine-tune distribution and pricing strategy accordingly.

MiWell Nordic was founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. It works with independent hotels as a strategic advisor in optimizing revenue through pricing, customer segmentation, online distribution, revenue management and marketing. MiWell creates new possibilities to engage with hotels and help find new ways of doing business.

Fredrik concluded, “Online distribution will continue to be very important to secure and gain revenue. As travellers become more used to doing everything online, hotels need to stay up to date with technology and trends, with online distribution being key to their success.”

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