Startup company Alex launches software solution for running and managing properties

Alex is the new kid on the block offering to help and enhance all hotelier businesses with a simple and straightforward software solution for running and managing their property.

We think it’s time to raise the bar for everyone in the hotel industry, make the day to day more effective, satisfying and welcoming for everyone, from the hotel staff to the beloved guests with the aid of new tools and products.

That’s where Alex comes into play, by delivering it’s first module named “Hotel”.

Alex screenshot

This one is aimed at the hotel staff, handling the daily operations involved in running and managing a property from the manager and front desk point of view. We cover basics around rooms, bookings, bills, guests, reports, rates, fees and taxes.


In the next months we look forward to working closely with our customers and continue shaping our product based on their experience with it and roll out other exciting modules and products.

Enough about talking, head to and you can try Alex for free right now, without waiting and without commitments. Just that simple.

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