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Sterling’s Sustainable Mattresses offer cost-effective solution for boutique hotels

Sterling Mattress SystemsIn the late 1990s, Westin Hotels & Resorts introduced its Heavenly Bed to the hospitality industry in what was considered one of the most brilliant hospitality marketing campaigns in recent history. The trend in “name brand” hotel beds has continued to grow and has become a mainstay of the guest room experience. Recent research in the hospitality industry reveals that hotel guests are willing to pay more for a good night’s sleep and hotels are clamoring to provide the most luxurious and “extra special” bed.

For the exclusive boutique hotel, the need to provide an “extra special” bed that is in line with the hotel’s brand and personality is even more important. And when the resort is located in a high-end resort community valued for its unique geography, natural beauty and environmental sensitivity, guests expect the hotel property to align its property with these values.

Several high-end boutique resorts located in some of the most desirable and environmentally sensitive resort communities in the world have turned to Sterling Sleep Systems to provide a luxurious bed experience that is comfortable, cost-effective and reduces the property’s impact on the local environment. Sterling’s Sustainable mattresses offer a concept unique to the hospitality industry and are designed to allow for components to be fully removable and interchangeable. As a result, should any part become damaged or soiled, it can be easily removed and replaced, without the need to replace the entire bed.

One high-end resort using Sterling’s sustainable mattresses is Gansevoort Turks + Caicos in Grace Bay Beach on the island of Providenciales, also known as Provo. Turks and Caicos is an archipelago of 40 low-lying coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Bahamas.

A sleek boutique property unlike any other on the island, Gansevoort Turks + Caicos combines Caribbean cool with urban chic and provides a completely modern beachfront retreat where every room boasts stunning ocean views. Named one of the best resorts in the Atlantic by Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014, Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is recognized by affluent travelers across the world as a once in a lifetime luxury experience.

The Turks and Caicos government is sensitive to ecological issues and introduced a Protected Areas System to preserve crucial natural areas. The region is home to many rare plants, birds and animals and the natives are very sensitive to how the land is developed and maintained to ensure that the islands will remain as pristine as they are today for future generations.

The Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is committed to being a good partner within the community and play its part to protect the environment on the island. In 2010, the hotel selected Sterling Sleep Systems to replace 107 mattresses with the company’s sustainable mattress system. Five years later, when the resort would normally have had to replace conventional mattresses, the resort only had to replace 77 quilted mattress covers to restore the original mattresses to like new condition. This kept 77 mattress sets from being replaced and prevented over 4,300 cubic feet of solid waste from going to the landfill. Recently, the resort was interested in providing an extra firm option for guests, and Sterling was able to provide a sustainable solution that simply involved replacing the zippered cover, making the mattress dramatically firmer. This eliminated the need to purchase a whole new mattress.

Sterling’s Sustainable Mattresses can also be found at several other unique and high-end boutique hotels committed to providing an exemplary guest experience, while maintaining a sustainable footprint. These include the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive, and the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Blvd, in Beverly Hills, 968 Park Resort in South Lake Tahoe, CA; Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid, NY; Quail Lodge in Carmel CA, Stanford Terrace Inn in Palo Alto, CA ; Seven 4 One in Laguna Beach and Cavallo Point Resort Sausalito in Sausalito, CA.

For more information on how this small California based manufacturer is changing the hospitality bedding industry and saving the environment one mattress set at a time, please visit.

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