Inncom system used to reduce energy usage

Inncom Pic1An integrated room automation and energy management system from Inncom, capable of reducing energy use levels by up to 50%, featured at the opening of the new Park Hyatt Hotel in New York last week.

The Inncom system, designed by Honeywell, automates guest comfort with intuitive temperature and drapery controls and communicates with door locks to increase guest security.

Inncom’s energy-saving solutions are currently used in around 1.5 million guest rooms worldwide.

James Rodgers, Director of Engineering, IT and Telecommunications at the Park Hyatt NY, said: “The INNCOM networked energy management platform is a smart system. Its intelligent energy sensors and software monitor room occupancy to save on cooling water, steam and a significant amount of electricity while ensuring our guests are always comfortable.”

“INNCOM consistently lowers energy costs by interfacing with our front office system and Kaba door locks via a total-property deep mesh network that enables optimum energy use,” he added.


The Park Hyatt New York installed INNCOM’s fully-integrated INNControl 3 Room system, utilising the property’s own network. The system provides full lighting integration with EVORA switches and electronic drape controls. For guest convenience and efficient housekeeping assignments, INNCOM’s system includes privacy and make-up-room door indicators. Guest security is monitored via INNCOM’s door lock interface which sends alerts if a door is left ajar for a prolonged period.

“Our INNCOM system maintains temperature flexibly at ideal levels when rooms are vacant and resets when guests check in for maximum comfort,” Rodgers said.

Guest comfort, security with reduced energy costs

INNCOM provides Integrated Room Automation and Energy Management Systems that meet the needs of manyproperty types. John Tavares, Director of Business Development at INNCOM said: “Ownership groups and management companies with diverse portfolios rely on INNCOM for all their hotels. Our comprehensive product line delivers information to help operators run hotels that range from focused service properties to full service luxury resorts ensuring comfortable stays without wasting energy.”

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