Ibu Heny Ferawati new Resident Wellness Mentor at Four Seasons Bali - Insights

Ibu Heny Ferawati new Resident Wellness Mentor at Four Seasons Bali

FPO_UBU_466Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is delighted to announce the appointment of Ibu Fera as its new Resident Wellness Mentor. Fera’s peaceful presence and mindfulness teachings are a welcome addition to the The Sacred River Spa – and her appointment a conscious step towards bringing a greater depth and authenticity to the spa’s quest for the sacred.

A former Buddhist monk who studied the Dharma in monasteries across Asia, Fera will be leading twice daily meditation classes and hosting a series of five Life Talks each week. Her teachings centre on helping individuals to explore ways in which they can integrate mindfulness into their daily lives, enabling them to connect more closely within themselves.

“Meditation and mindfulness is a very realistic way of addressing all sorts of stresses,” she explains. “It’s a free, easily accessible method that goes straight to the root of the problem.”

Ibu Fera’s meditation classes include:

  • Introduction to Meditation – how to start, focus and maintain practice
  • Loving Kindness Meditation – the practice of softening the heart
  • Chant of Love Meditation – how to beautify the heart with loving kindness and radiate this wave of love to all sentient beings
  • Awareness Meditation – discovering the art of living, sharpening the senses, and practising present moment awarenes
  • Grateful Heart Meditation – the healing attitude of gratitude
  • Relaxation Meditation – techniques to calm the body and mind and release burdens and tensions

Guests can explore everyday issues, and how to overcome them with peace and presence of mind, during Fera’s 60-minute Life Talks: The Secret to Happiness; Love and Compassion; Finding Inner Peace; and Managing Stress. Classes can either be enjoyed in a group setting, five times a week (IDR 150,000 per person), or focused on privately (IDR 400,000 per person).

Immersed in lush jungle greenery in the Ayung River valley, The Sacred River Spa is a serene, nurturing environment with a deep inner focus. Here, the healing potential and philosophy of Balinese culture is explored through the flow from Niskala to Sekala (the unseen to the seen). Treatments, therapies and rituals focus on evoking a sense of spiritual connection powerful enough to affect physical change.  

“After only a few classes, Fera is already shifting the vibration of the Resort,” shares Regional Director of Spa, Luisa Anderson. “We’ve had excellent feedback from guests who have commented on how much she has ‘touched’ and ‘inspired’ them. There are so many stages and levels to wellness that can be actualised and advanced across body, mind, spirit and soul.  Fera completes our wellness equation – helping guests to understand and develop emotional and spiritual intelligence, sharing with them the potential to ‘wake-up’ and to experience more peace.”

Echoing her sentiments, Uday Rao, the Resort’s General Manager, comments: “Ibu Fera is a true gem and a great addition to the Sayan Spa experience. She brings the whole spiritual, holistic approach to the destination full circle and has rapidly become a ‘must see’ for guests. It is a privilege to have her onboard.”


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