eHotelier focussing on Hotel Technology in October - Insights

eHotelier focussing on Hotel Technology in October

What are the current trends, challenges and new innovations in hospitality Crystal ball_1technology and who should you be working with to ensure you continue to meet your guests expectations.

Our contributors will be writing feature articles on Technology, the following is a sample of possible topics:

  • The Crystal Ball: What does the future hold?

  • Cyber Crime – your building is secure, but are your guests?

  • With everything as a service, are you now able to get back to focussing on the customer rather than the technology?

  • With consumer technology so readily available, do you struggle to keep pace, or support what the guest brings with them?

  • OTA’s, friend or foe, do OTA’s really have a stranglehold on inventory?

  • SEO, SEM, Social, PPC, how to leverage online promotion cost effectively.

  • Customer Service versus self-service what role does technology play?

If you have any specific topics of interest you would like to see addressed, please email our editorial team.

For Hospitality Technology Suppliers…

Interested in promoting your business to members and visitors?

Consider contributing your own research, thoughts and experiences.  During October we will be offering technology suppliers a 25% increase in portal advertising with all contributions.  Contact our team to receive more information on the opportunities available.

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