Free online waste removal sourcing agent launched in US

An emerging online waste removal sourcing agent and management system, is tackling the concerns of the hospitality industry leaders who want to reduce waste and implement a green waste program for their hotels.

Grid Waste connects waste generators nationwide, with waste haulers. Co-mingled recycling, single-stream recycling, paper and cardboard recycling and even organic recycling/composting are made available via the website’s interface.

Understanding today’s society and its increased awareness of the ecosystem, Grid Waste hopes to provide the resources and tools needed to become more environmentally conscious. The online-based system offers hotels with the option of looking for alternative methods of waste disposal besides the standard municipal solid waste. By introducing these selections, the company is encouraging waste generators to go beyond disposing their trash into a landfill.

The system’s geo-grouping functionality is also something that currently does not exist in the waste industry. The system allows neighboring businesses to form purchasing groups. The function enables hyper efficient collections for haulers, reducing the total cost of the waste service and reducing carbon footprint.

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“Implementing a recycling and composting program in your home and business can be cumbersome and costly,” Jessica Han, the sales and marketing coordinator behind the company, explains, “But through Grid Waste, we hope to cut down the cost and the time spent managing these services. Our system is designed with the interest of the waste generators in mind, collecting bids from waste haulers to guarantee our members the lowest rates. With our interface users are able to track and measure their services, so managing the extra waste services will be easy and quick. We would love to see waste generators nationwide take advantage of the Grid Waste system to practice more sustainable methods of waste removal”.

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