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Celebrity check-in aliases

Celebrities travelling incognito come up with all manner of aliases to escape their fans. Here are some of the favourites we've heard.

  • Zelda Zonk – Marilyn Monroe

  • Carl Con Carne – Brad Pitt

  • Mr Stench, Mr Oddpong, Mr Drip Noodle, Mr Donkey Ass – Johnny Depp

  • Alotta Warmheart – Brittney Spears

  • Apollo C. Vermouth – Paul McCartney

  • Richard Monaco – Ringo Starr

  • Brian Bigbun, Bobo Latrine, Sir Humphrey Handbag – Elton John

  • Prince Albert, Harry Bollocks – Ozzy Osborne

  • Tinkerbell – Paris Hilton

  • Bruce and Jasmine Pilaf – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  • Miss Lollypop – Angelina Jolie

  • Frank Farmer – Kevin Costner

  • JT Smith – John Travolta

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – George Clooney

  • Heather Kelly – Tyra Banks

  • Ann Walker – Cindy Crawford

Have you heard of other good ones? Let us know at news@ehotelier.net.

Excerpt reprinted with permission from "Waldorf Hysteria, Hotel Manners, Misbehaviours & Minibars" by Arbon Publishing.

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