What makes a gormet burger gourmet?

By Jeff Orsini

The secret to a good gourmet burger is not the "mile high" amount of "stuff" that gets piled on a burger…rather it's using the freshest of ingredients.

If you want to treat yourself, visit your local grocery store butcher and pick up a couple kilos of fresh ground round.  Do not purchase the leanest beef; remember, most of the flavor is in the fat. Shape your patty slightly bigger than your roll/bun approximately 1inch in thickness. Also, don't pack your meat to firm, "let it breathe" a bit, just like that glass of Cabernet you often enjoy with your burger.

Grill to your liking (try to avoid well done, as the longer you cook it, the less flavor) and add your condiments. Again, think fresh, and if you prefer the "mile high" pile, now's the time. Try to use a fresh baked roll/bun (toasted if you prefer); you'll taste the difference and that's the goal with a gourmet burger. 

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At the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Phoenix, we have four delicious burgers on our Belvedere's American Grill menu, which happen to be top sellers. What are your house secrets for cooking a gourmet burger?

Source: Hotels in a Nutshell

 JeffOrsiniJeff Orsini is the Director of Food and Beverage at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Phoenix property. Jeff has 20 years plus in the hospitality industry. He enjoys playing tennis and softball during his days off and is a fan of "old" movies.

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