Der Schlusspunkt: Peabody Orlando Ducks Find Greener Pastures

You will be greatly missed!

The ducks  at the Peabody Orlando will soon be off into retirement. Sadly the duck parade will reach the end of the road on 30 September. The Hotel has been sold; Hyatt Hotels  agreed to pay $717 million for the Peabody Orlando, which will be rebranded as the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

The hotel in Florida has entertained families for decades with its twice-daily parade of live ducks through the lobby, a tradition that dates back more than 80 years to the original Peabody hotel in Memphis, Tenn.

Each morning, promptly at 11 a.m., the hotel's atrium lobby is the scene of a remarkable ritual. In a special elevator, the five North American Mallard ducks, four hens and one drake, comprising The Peabody Ducks, descend from their $100,000 penthouse Royal Duck Palace. They waddle their way in formation through the hotel's marble halls and then  splash into the fountain's waters. Tumultuous applause reverberates through the lofty lobby, and standing ovations are the order of the day by the hundreds of onlookers who daily crowd into the hotel to see one of the greatest shows on earth. At 5 p.m., the procession is reversed, The Peabody Orlando Ducks marching back to their special elevator, then to their Royal Duck Palace for dinner and a quiet evening together.

After the ducks in Orlando make their final march on 30th September they will retire to an undisclosed private farm.  They will be greatly missed.

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They are accustomed to using their private lift going from their rooftop penthouse directly to the lobby, however on their final day to move to the farm they need to use the service lift to go the loading dock. Please, please ducks for once, ignore the smell of food and don't waddle into the kitchen, it could make for a short retirement.

The whole community will be thinking of you on 30 September and we wish you a Happy Retirement!


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