Hotel Technology Trends To Watch For

By Holly Powell

Much like all business across the U.S., the hospitality industry is changing and for the better. With new technology at disposal of hotel management, hotels can now more than ever offer consumers a fantastic and connected experience during their stay. 2012 saw many new developments within consumer technology and within the hospitality industry, and this consumer technology could pave way for new hotel trends during 2013 that benefit guests and increase business for hotels at the same time.

Without further ado, then, let's take a look at four technology trends making their way in to hotels during 2013. Some of these trends have already found their way in to luxury hotels yet due to this technology becoming more affordable and accessible, smaller hotels could adopt these, too.

Super-Fast Internet As Standard

Technology is constantly moving on and changing for the better and hotels worldwide will be looking to adopt super-fast fiber optic broadband with speeds of up to 100Mbps. Currently only reserved for the highest tech hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel located in Silicon Valley, this form of Internet access could transform any hotel in to a must stay for business users. This form of Internet access is best served room by room.

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Faster and Simpler Online Booking

Booking a hotel room online is currently a simple affair, with many hotel comparison sites also helping consumers decide where to stay. As the web shifts more and more towards simplicity, we can expect dedicated hotel websites to be re-designed to allow for the booking of a room with two to three clicks of a mouse. What's more, new hotel websites may have a responsive design, making booking on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones easier than ever.

Interactive Lobbies

Hotel lobbies are no longer simply home to a reception desk and a few sofas. During 2013, more hotels will adopt touch screen systems, including tablet computers, to allow hotel guests to browse through dinner menus, and local attractions and entertainment. This is a great way for hotel guests to actively engage in a lobby, which can be derelict and a sad place to be at times. Imagine being able to swipe and touch your way through hotel goodies; that would be amazing.

Better Enforced Green Policies

The U.S. government wants businesses to be more eco-friendly. During 2013, requirements on businesses will get tougher, and as such the hotel and hospitality industry will better enforce green policies. LED lighting, more power efficient systems and newer more energy efficient computing and database equipment can all help hotels cut their energy bills and be greener. On top of this, many hotels will also look to renovate in 2013, and insulation will be a top priority.

About the author

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