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Five essential tools for the modern email marketer

After Mark Zuckerberg predicted its death in 2010, email defied expectations by resurfacing as a modern marketing necessity. Yes, email is back, but it isn’t what it used to beÉ

The marketing-scape is fast-paced and ever-evolving; it can be exhausting to keep up with and even harder to master. Where traditional marketing once lived by the mantra that Òmore is moreÓ, we have moved into a new era built on high-quality content and segmentation.

Email marketer Marketing is no longer a one-way street; it is a two-way conversation.

The typical email inbox is noisier and more overcrowded than you might think Ð making it harder than ever to stand out and get engagement from your audience. To survive today’s cut-throat inbox and increase email engagement, here are the topÊfive email marketing essentials:

1. Personalisation

Personalisation, in the context of email marketing, is the act of leveraging contact information to send the right message, at the right time, to the right audience Ð a proven method of increasing engagement.

Gone are the days of the traditional email blast, times are a-changin’ and the Òthrow it and see what sticksÓ approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. Personalised content isÊtheÊbest way to start a conversation with your audience, simply because it provides the best chance of engagement. Flipside is, it requires more than just addressing your recipients by name Ð you’re not fooling anyone into thinking that you sent them a non-generic email. The more information you have, the better you can tailor your message and content to increase engagement.

2. Integration

Integration maximises the potential of your software by consolidating platforms and information and streamlining tasks. In this case, using a CRM with an integrated email platform can create an incredibly powerful marketing solution.

The benefits of integrating your CRM and email marketing:

All the information! Better insights with more context
Minimised complexity Ð A single database and less disparate platforms
Improved personalisation with more information for better targeting
Better data integrity with the ability to ensure information
At last, you can determine the true ROI, whilst also seeing how email influences your business

3. Automation

If you don’t have automated workflows, you’re missing out on some major opportunities to grow your database and engage your existing contacts. Automation is a key feature of most ESP’s on the market, and though functionality may change, the concept remains the same.

dataArc.mail, for example, can trigger messages in a number of different ways, when contacts subscribe and unsubscribe, reach the anniversary of a date field, and more. And that is just the beginning Ð advanced automation further expands the possibilities of workflows.

The best way for hotels to take advantage of automation is pre and post stay messaging. Utilising the data in your CRM (*cough* integration *cough*) you can trigger message sends as a guest makes a reservation or checks out of your hotel. By linking the life-span of the guest experience from booking through to check-out, you could stand to increase not only your overall engagement but also your direct bookings.

4. Mobile

Last year, for the first time we saw mobile internet usage overtake desktop. We have hit a new era of connectivity, with more opportunity than ever to reach your customers whenever, wherever. This requires that we rethink how people are engaging with the messages they receive Ð meaning that we must adopt a Òmobile firstÓ mentality.

With regards to email marketing, it is all about optimisation. Fortunately, most ESP’s already have responsive templates to work with, making it simple to create emails that look good across different devices and platforms.

5. Data

Data is easily the most important tool in your toolbox. The hype may have come and gone but big data has solidified a place in modern business.ÊData is fast becoming an essential element of every industry.

Hotels are in a fortunate position as they accumulate large sums of data by their very nature. A hotel’s database should be their most valuable asset, yet it is often left underrated and underused. Tapping into its value should be priority for any hotel wishing to remain competitive into the future. Add value to your email marketing campaigns by putting your guest data to effective use; improve your accuracy in reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

It’s simpler than you think!

TheÊfive email essentials are simpler to access and utilise than you may think ÐÊdataArc.mail even does most of it for you! dataArc.mail optimises your emails for mobile, allows you to personalise content and fields and facilitates API integration. But the best part? What dataArc.mail doesn’t already do, Intouch Data takes care of. Future-proof your email marketing strategy byÊcontacting us.

For more information on dataArc.mail,Êclick here.

By Georgia-Mae Smith

Georgia-Mae Smith Georgia-Mae Smith works as Creative Coordinator at InTouch Data. The company provides CRM and BI applications to hotel chains and individual properties across the globe.ÊMoreover,Êthey work with industry vendors to provide data extraction, transform and load (ETL) services to streamline the data flow from numerous PMS. InTouch Data understand hotels and, more importantly, understands hotel data Ð they are hotel data experts after all.ÊInTouch DataÊexist solely to assist the hospitality industry andÊ15 years on,Êthey are as in touch as ever.



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