Using venue coupons to add value to your hotel

gift-voucherGetting into the hospitality industry can be rewarding, but not without its attendant challenges. It is one thing to start and run a hotel business, but quite another to keep it profitable and successful. One false belief that most entrepreneurs in the hotel industry fall for is that you need to reduce your room rates to attract more clients. It hardly ever works as you may end up in massive losses at the end of the year. Nevertheless, one way of attracting customers to your hotel rooms is by introducing venue coupons. Here is how to make the coupons more efficient suggested by Taphouse Rewards:

Offer a few select products on the coupon

Instead of making cuts on your rates, you may consider introducing a few free products for your clients. Add some pieces of scented soap or shampoo in each room so your guests can use them. Forbes reports that guests who take their toiletries with them when leaving the hotel are sending out a strong signal that they enjoyed your services. The soap or shampoo may also serve as a brief reminder for your hotel. Therefore, make such free items part of your hotel business plan.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Use your online booking platform to encourage your guests to spend a little more in your hotel. Some extras such as champagne breakfast or a romantic package may make your guests spend more in your hotel; hence, increasing profits. The guests will benefit by accessing more quality services in your hotel and are likely to come back.

Introduce festive cheer giveaways

The best time to add value to your hotel guests is during the festive season. Many people love to choose hotel venues for a quiet Christmas getaway. During the happy holidays, introduce such items like Christmas trees or Easter eggs – all for free or at hugely discounted rates. Your guests will love the unique holiday touch and will keep coming back for more treats.

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Start a customer referral scheme

You can also add value to your clients by offering them discounts when they tag along with other guests. You can accomplish this feat by giving promotion codes to potential guests which they can redeem upon checking into your hotel. The guests who have brought other guests can benefit by enjoying discounted services.

Offer discounts on extended stays

Some customers have flexible travel schedules and may spend one or two more nights in your hotel if you prod them appropriately. You can slash prices by half for the extra night while making regular charges on the first few nights. Many guests would love such an arrangement as it would cost them less to spend more nights in your hotel.

A little networking

A little networking could add more value to your hotel room clients. Using an event venue finder, check out what services other hotels are offering their guests. Find out the big hospitality hubs for many travels and establish the terms and conditions of their coupons. You can also talk to fellow business people in the hotel industry and share ideas. Strive to offer better rates to drive more customers to your establishments.

Final word

Hotel business can be quite profitable if you know the right chords to pull. Always strive to add value to your clients by offering attractive venue coupons while keeping costs down. After all, you too need that fancy holiday at the end of the year.

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