Introducing the world’s first emoji for hotels and gastronomy

EmojisSay it with emoji: the funny icons are getting more and more popular and cut down communication. Hospitality Leaders, the world’s leading career network for hospitality has now designed the world’s first emoji for the hospitality industry.

They are free to download:

The emoji may be used for chatting; e.g. from the multimedia Messenger of Hospitality Leaders ( or the innovative Chatbot ( and of course also other messengers and communication tools. Additionally, the Hotel-Emoji are ideal for fresh HR advertising and innovative recruiting strategies.

Emojis replace words and are increasingly utilised in chatbots and messenger services such as Kayak and Booking. Also the Rezidor hotel chain Prizeotel utilizes Emoji for its HR marketing. The new Hotel-Emoji by Hospitality Leaders match the diversity of this emoji world and may be used by everybody.

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